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Rankings and Ratings

4 Mar


I saw this on the web and decided to use it as my rankings. I figured it was a good grasp of what I’m trying to get across to you. (as I know my grammar can be rough like course sandpaper) I will of course go higher or lower if need be, but I think this covers it. I can’t stand it when ratings are out of 4 or 5. Like what the H is that!? It’s too close to tell when the range is that small. I don’t know about you, but I can eat something without liking it, and a lot of times I have to. Average means ok, but it also means you can stomach it. When something is nasty I want you to know it and feel it! Like when you eat something nasty and your stomach tells your head it’s not doing this.



Glutinous Rice Flour

24 Feb


This one makes me want to explore Asian food a lot more. I’ll say this, it’s a thickener but, you have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what Oobleck is look it up! Because, if you use too much of this,  that’s what you get.

I made rice balls with this and they were not like mochi,  kinda gummy chewy, but my daughter liked it, so hey it was a plus! I will get some more and put the experiments into the gluten free test kitchen. I found a recipe that calls for rice balls cooked in coconut milk and one for spring roll wrappers.

Rating 1-10

Kinni Kritters

4 Jan


Finally there is something that taste the same as the “real kind”! Sorry,  not the same…….  IT’S WAY BETTER!   AND!  It’s been verified by the gluten eaters in the house as tasty and better than the gluten kind.  With these animal crackers  you can tell what animal it is, and they surely won’t disappoint! Their motto is totally correct and they should be proud of this product!

8👍 /10

~*~ Gluten Putin ~*~

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