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Endoscopy # 2

4 Mar

If I would’ve known that being diagnosed with Crohns disease would lead me to a endoscopy and colonoscopy every 3 years, I would’ve walked into the ocean and never looked back. (once is more than enough for a lifetime) It’s not that having the procedure is horrible (at least where I go because they put you to sleep) it’s the cameras. They reuse them and they are interchangeable. So what’s in your throat, goes up your butt.

I thought because I was on medi-cal that this happens. It turns out they do this everywhere! People have even gotten really sick from improperly sanitized scopes. I don’t see why they can’t make this situation better. Diagnostic centers can move you in and out like a herd of cattle. And after you had something shut up your butt or down your throat you’re glad to be herded on out of there. But why can’t someone make cameras that are for one part or the other!?

This time I woke up and was not groggy for that long. I was actually hungry afterwards, and my throat wasn’t sore.  The thing that really makes me mad is that the place is in Monterey Park. That’s where a lot of people Chinese decent live, with the REAL good Chinese food. Why does it have to be filled with gluten, and that damn corn starch! It’s like going to Santa Monica and not go to a Japanese restaurant. At least with their cuisine I can have better luck.

Next week is my colonoscopy, again. But this time I don’t know what to do! Cucumber Gatorade doesn’t exist anymore! That was the only flavor that covered up that gosh awful Miralax taste and texture. And BTW, why the hell do some men bitch about doing a colonoscopy ONCE! I swear some men can be pussy ass bitches (sorry but you know by now my site is not for kids)! My daughter had a colonoscopy at 2! Anyways, can anyone out there tell me what Gatorade flavor they use? I can tell you not to use lemon! It was horribly, ugh.


That’s All Folks!

20 Mar

Hey there everyone, seems like it’s been forever and a day, and in fact it has. I’ve been gone for a long long time and right now, I don’t really want to do this blog. I know, but I’m in the life mood of f*** it.

I don’t know where I was in telling the story of my life, but I’ll just fast forward.
Since June of 2014 I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopic procedure and a hysterectomy. I have gastritis which was the cause of me always feeling nauseous, the horrible stomach pains and throwing up blood. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and having uterine adhesions on my small intestines and large intestine also fully covering my uterus. I also have Crohn’s disease and is why when I eat gluten and corn I become a horribly nauseous and throw up and a week later my body goes through horrible horrible cramps/pain. It is also the cause of my acne.
So please forgive me you all, if I just wanna live my life and be a somewhat normal 26 year old. I have now found out I will live my life in pain forever because I have ulcers all through my small intestine , & I have to watch what I eat. Did you know that with Crohn’s disease you’re not supposed to eat meat, fresh fruit, dairy, corn, gluten basically nothing. No spicy food, definitely no greasy food, no tea, no coffee and no smoking-which I’m fine with-. We are still on welfare still using WIC , so yeah…. life goes how it goes! And I’m going to enjoy what life I have left, and get back to you talking about gluten and food. No more health problems from me on my end, I’ll stop boring you guys with that.
I’ve been having lots of fun on Google+ under the name Coco LaDouche-you should know this ;-)-come find me and we’ll chat all the time! I also use Twitter my name isGluten Putin. I look forward to chatting and meeting you guys at the conventions and swapping recipes.

Good day, goodnight and have a good life! It’s been so much fun you guys, and this is definitely not the end, I just want some time to f*** around and be normal for a bit.
Forever yours! Muah!
~*~Gluten Putin~*~


Upper GI Endoscopy

5 Sep

It was three weeks till my endoscopy appointment when I was really thinking what’s going on with the laproscopic thingy. When I called medi-cal to make sure that the upper GI endoscopy was going to go through, I also asked about the laparoscopic procedure. The lady on the phone said the endoscopic was fine but they had no record of the laparoscopic. I told her that I had to switch over my doctors because Marina Gold was an absolute idiot and this is probably part of that problem. I was told because it was a serious operation she would look right into it and get back to me, when she got back to me I thought this must be a serious procedure! After medi-cal I called my gynecologist office and told them my insurance got the referral for the laparoscopic procedure. The lady on the phone said,”We’ve been trying to contact you for a while now, you need your procedure!” Then all of a sudden I remembered, my phone had gotten disconnected! Actually it was shut off but, that’s another story for another time, what matters is I had to change my phone number. She asked me if I could come in next week to schedule the laparoscopic procedure.

-It was around this time that the gluten and corn was starting to have some effect on my body. I didn’t care because I was LOVING IT! Eating whatever I wanted to!-At my gyno’s office which is ALWAYS packed I waited over an hour passed my appointment time to see him.-I will tell you his name when I’m done with him ;-)-When he was discussing what was going to happen I starting getting really scared. I hate having my belly button messed with! “They” already had to go in there to tie my tubes, I really didn’t want to do it again. At the same time, to finally know what was going on was going to be great! When we were done I went to schedule the appointment. She wanted to do it that weekend! I thought that was weird, I said I had plans and maybe after my endoscopy we could do it. We went back and forth with dates till finally the Dr came back. He said he wanted to do it soon to find out what was going on, I said is it okay to do it a week after having an upper gi endoscopic procedure? He said it would be ok and we set the date, which the lady already suggested.
That was that. In two weeks my endoscopy and in three my laparoscopy.
~*~Gluten Putin~*~

Gastroenterologist PartII

17 Jul

On the day of my appt with my gastroenterologist I felt a sigh of relief, finally I was going to know what was up. I hadn’t really eatten in the days before because I had thrown up blood. Her office is just down the street from Mac Arthur park and if you live in L.A-or ever bought a fake I.D-you know that area is horrible. Well her office-in fact the entire building-is clean as a whistle, this was extremely comforting.
Although I showed up early I still had to wait past my appt time to get seen. After my weigh in and vitals I was left in the room with all kinds of gastrointestinal diagrams and posters. I was wondering what I had, I also learn your appendix gets inflamed and infected because poop can get in it-ewwww-. When Dr Suchov came in she asked me about why I was there, I told her and she listen. I love the fact that when I told her I wasn’t eating right and I had been losing weight-this started before bloody puke-she didn’t make a face like the lady at my primary care physician’s office did! She told me she was going to order an upper gi endoscopy and colonoscopy. I asked if we could do it the same time and day like my daughter. She informed me with adults its different, it has to go through insurance and my body needs time for the gluten to take effect. I said excuse me? I get to eat gluten, starting when? “Today if you want.” I nearly exploded!! My mind was running wild! And because she is an amazing Dr. she asked if there was anything else we need to discuss. I ran through all my topics in my head and said no. Then, oh my God duh! I shouted,”My hemroid!” “You are the Dr that’s supposed to fix that right?!” She smiled,”Yes after your endoscopy and colonoscopy.”
And that was that! I was scheduled an endoscopy in a couple of weeks. The woman informed me that it was up to me to make sure my insurance would cover it. That’s when I thought, wasn’t I supposed to have that laparoscopic procedure?
-_-Gluten Putin-_-

The Big “H”

5 Jul

Ello Ello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around at all lately, Ive been preparing for the BIG H. I turned 26 everyone! I was in bed recoverying from an operation, a great way to say goodbye to your youth-I kid, 26 forever-! Well since I haven’t written in ages I guess I should start with everything leading up to the BIG H.

Remember when I went to the radiologist and my lady parts looked like the surface of the moon?-if not catch up quick-Well I got the results back and to my dismay I didn’t get the answers I was looking for. My right overy has a small cyst in it and my uterus was actually inlarged. It explained NOTHING about my left side horrible overy pain. I was confused, Ive had this pain forever something had to be there. My husband even joked about me, a mountain and a mole hill. When I went my gyno’s-OFF SUBJECT REAL QUICK; MANY OF YOU KNOW MY STANCE ON MALE DR’S. ESPECALLY A MALE GYNOCOLOGIST-I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIANCE WITH ONE IN ORANGE COUNTY WHEN I, WAS ABOUfT 16. HE WAS A WHITE MAN, IN A VERY WHITE AREA. MY NEW GYNO IS ASIAN IN CHINA TOWN. THE FIRST TIME IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM HE WALKED IN AND SO DID A WOMAN. NOT ONLY IS IT VERY COMFORTING KNOWING NOTHING WEIRD COULD GO ON, IT GOES TO SHOW WHAT YOU PAY INTO FOR YOUR INSURANCE
Anywho I gave my gyno the results and he was confused. He then did his examination and asked if it hurt-doesn’t it always?!-I told him yes, then he asked,”Does it hurt during sex?” I told him,”Before, during and after”. He

looked at me and said the word Ive avoided and could no longer, “Endometriosis”. My heart sank because I knew what has to be done to test for it. He began to explain the laparoscopy procedure to me when I cut him off and said,”The thing where they go into your belly bottom?” He assure me I was correct and the only other option would be to mess around with my hormones and see how my body reacts on my rag. Not an option! So he was going schedule the laparoscopy and that was that. Now as I was walking back to the red line, I admit I was crying like a bitch. Yes me!-have you ever cried after getting news from your Dr?- I called my husband and he was consoling me also letting me know I was kinda being a baby.-when I was a kid I used to have fucked up reacoring dreams; giants roming the land eatting humans, drowning, not being able to speak and the worst of them people jamming their finger’s into my belly button! I know Im f`d up!-Ive always hated when my belly button got touched, getting my tubes tied was no fun but I knew this was going to hurt.

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