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Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy PartII

17 Oct

The day before you have an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy you have to stop eating. Sure you can have juice, broth and Gatorade but let’s get real it sucks to not eat solid food . Liquid Diets are a glimpse into a life where you’re always hungry and left unsatisfied.-to my Puter’s with a condition where you have to do this, my heart goes out to you.-I was dreaming about the food I would have the next day-I could still eat gluten-and starting to freak out about the procedure. I’ve seen those news stories and lots of places are unclean. Worst of all, I get bitchy when I’m hungry and the worst headaches! Liquid Diets take me to a place in my horrible childhood when I would tell my mom I was still hungry and she would say,”Go drink water!” That is the anthem for poor hungry kids around the world! Go drink water my ass!

The morning of the endoscopy I was thirsty and hungry and weak as f*k. When I’m hungry my stomach tends to cramp horribly to the point I want to throw up.-in school it was a nightmare waiting for lunch after recess. Remember that kid who always had a growling stomach, yeah that was me!-When we got to the place it wasn’t a hospital but more like a clinic where they move you in and out.-so many old people! That’s exactly what I want to see, old people looking at me wondering why I’m here!-My husband was really uneasy about the place, especially after one of the receptionist was rude to him. He wanted to bail but I told him, “I’ve come this far and like you said it’s not a major surgery”. We sat down and waited…then they called me into a room.
This is where they register you and ask a bunch of questions,-why are you here? Medical history, anything they should know, that kind of thing-then they give you a wrist band and make you wait, again.

When it was my turn to go have the procedure I kissed my daughter and husband goodbye, and was told I would see them in 3 to 4 hours. I went through a door into a huge room with beds separated by curtains and chairs with people waiting in them. It was really busy and I was really scared, this was some gastrointestinal clinic. I was starting to think my husband was right, but I’d come this far-also I puked up bood, I want to know what that was from-.This woman took me to an empty bed and told me to undress and put on a gown.-I really wished my daughter and husband were there with me in that room-I put my belongings into a plastic bag under the bed and waited. The lady came back with a tray with needles and one of those liquid bags. I thought this is it, no turning back now.
She told me to lay back and got the liquid bag ready. I asked her what was it for and she said it was fluid to keep me hydrated.-anyone really know what’s in that bag?-When she was done with the bag she got the needle ready and told me to hold out my hand. She stuck it in and hooked the bag up to it.
“You’ll feel a slight burning sensation in our hand as the fluid enters your body”, she said. Slight burning sensation my ass!-does anyone really know what’s in that bag cause that shit ain’t water!-She began cleaning up as my hand began burning very badly; as she was leaving she said,”If there’s anything I can do let me know.”I felt that fluid in my hand and crawl up my arm. It’s extremely freaky, and just the thought if it is making me sick-you”ll know why later-. I layed back on the bed and listened to the people being wheeled in and out. The sounds of people’s moans and farts. Yes, I did say farts!-that’s something else I want to hear before going in!-
When it was my turned to be wheeled in, I thought,”Where the he’ll am I going to go?!” Through the opened curtain and around the people waiting in the seats we went through another door. In this room were a couple of guys I didn’t see before and a monitor and lots of medical stuff.-it was freaky how everything was contained in this room-One if the guys was cleaning the camera because I could see it on the monitor. They said their names and said what they were going to the doing. They lady helped me turn on my back and put a mask on my face. I told them the mask smelled really bad-like airy plastic-,one of the guys said don’t worry I’ll be asleep soon and awake in no time. All I remember thinking was this shit smells really bad! Is it safe to breathe in plastic?

I remember waking up in one of those curtain sectionals and wanting to get the hell out of there.-especially getting that needle out of my hand!-I started thinking about random trivia to get my mind right. I was doing that Uma Thurman Kill Bill wiggle your big toe thing. I was ready to go. I started calling out,”Ello? Anyone, Anyone out there?” a nurse came in. I told her I was ready to go, she asked when I had the procedure I told her I didn’t know. She went to ask someone and when came back she informed me it was too early. I told her I was feeling well enough and she could take me off the fluid bag. She left and asked again, came back and unhooked me. When she left and again saying,”I come and get you in a little while then you can have a seat in the waiting area.” I thought that’s what those chairs are for. I wanted to eat, sleep and most of all get out of there. After a while when the lady said I could sit in the waiting area, my legs were woozy but I kept it together. I was waiting in the chair for about 15mins, when the lady said I’ll call your ride now. -you’re just going to call now!!-I had to wait another 15mins for my family, all the while building up anger of having to wait-also being extremely hungry-
When they finally called my name I jumped up. I said bye to this one lady who was cool and meet up with my family. My husband said see your not dead, I chuckled and wanted to eat!
I told my husband about the hand needle and plastic smell. He said that’s what the stuff that puts you to sleep smells like; they just don’t tell you that because they want you to go to sleep instead of thinking about the smell. All I knew was I wanted to eat and we went to The Hat. I was charged for a dip that wasn’t.-Shame on you for messing with a girl’s last chance to eat gluten!-They say you shouldn’t eat solid foods right away, I tried! Your stomach is still really tight, although my throat didn’t hurt. So take it slow with liquids as my stommy-stomach/tummy-was hurting off the bites I did get down.
~*~Gluten Putin~*~



7 Jul

My gastointerologist is one cool lady, this is the first Dr that has totally listened to me. My stomach was doing really bad and I felt horrible all the time. A couple of days before my first appointment my husband had made ribs-he’s the best gluten/corn free bbq sauce maker EVER!-. I knew I shouldn’t but I love ribs!
Nausea to throwing up is a weird body process; first your stomach just hurts a little, then it feels like something’s not mixing right and a slight pull. That pulling leads to churning and full blown nausea, the kind that stays with you-like those ribs, I actually knew the point when the greasy deliciousness separated and the oil floated to the top, greasy nausea sucks!-Full blown nausea leads to a creeping up feeling; like do I have to throw up?! Many of us can shake this off, others it leads to mouth watering. Now when you have pulling, mixing, churring, crampy creeping up feeling and mouth watering you know what’s coming next. You can be like me and Swallow For Your Life or just puke, sometimes your mouthwaters for a long ass unhelpful time. Now, you have all those symtoms and are burping watch out, 50/50 chance your going to throw up where you stand! At this point no matter what cover your mouth! As an expert on puking at this point I’m letting you know you can’t hold it in your mouth and run to the bathroom. IT WILL MAKE YOU THROW UP MORE AND GET EVERYWHERE!
That’s exactly what happened to me, but with horrible stomach pain. I was dry heaving-everyone knows this sucks!-and praying not to throw up that greenish-yellow horrible tasting bile. When I threw up the last of the ribs it tasted funny,-right I know-like blood. I couldn’t tell it was already red, but always getting nose bleeds in humid weather I know what blood taste like. I did double flush clean up-also the floor-and got ready for another round. I started to dry heave then it came up and at the end the last bit, I threw up a stream of blood. Full on red blood, my mouth was coated in the taste!-if your reading this and getting grossed out just imagine how I felt! Now imagine how you would feel in the exact same situation, being 25, a mother, a wife and to a lesser extent a stepmom-
I started crying and thinking of everytime I threw up, and nothing like this EVER HAPPENED. I pulled my self together and joined my husband and daughter, I told him I threw up his delicious ribs and that was it. It must have been about 30mins when it was all happening again, I got up and my husband did too! I told him he didn’t have to come but he wanted to take care of me, I told he I didn’t know what was going to come up, but he still didn’t care!
We were in the bathroom-what the f’ was I going to do!-it was coming up, he was rubbing my back and out it went. Dry heaving and all it came out! He said,”Wow! That looks like blood!” “No just BBQ sauce” I told him. I flushed and damn it was came again! “BABY THAT IS BLOOD! Are you okay?!!?!” I just looked at him and started crying saying I didn’t know.
We kinda had this moment right there in the bathroom, no one said anything and I was trying not to cry. Then he grabbed some T.P wiped my face and said,”Yeah, I’d make a badass widow!” I started cracking up! “No seriously! I’d wear black all the time and carry a bad ass picture of you! But seriously, you’ll get fix.” He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said no. And lets just say I was very scared of eatting for the next few days.


15 Dec

More and more info is coming out about the shooting in Connecticut and already people are starting to blame the usual suspects, guns and video games. Now we don’t know everything yet, and I understand people want answer’s-esp those parent’s my heart goes out to you!-but don’t get crazy.

My first venture with video games came at the age of 3 when my dad bought me a Nintendo. I was 3 and couldn’t play but I have vivid memories of my mom, my dad and all my cousins playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. When I was finally able to grab a turn I fell in love. When I was younger it wasn’t the coolest thing to be a girl-and black-and love video games and I’m glad to see that that is fading.

Many times in my life I had to hear about my violent video games and how that was white people stuff. That made no since to me because my other black friend’s played video games-how the hell is Super Mario 64 violent?-. My mother’s boyfriend’s sister’s son-yah I know-had a love of video games just like I did! And all the adults would talk about him being so “white”, I thought he was a big wiener but that was because he collected Beanie Babies and loved Pokemon!-he is now in prison on a life sentence for attempted murder and child indangerment, is he still white?-

Around high school when I moved to Orange County I understood what all those black adults were talking about, but they still had no idea what they were talking about. I had a friend Ryan who played the hell outta Counter Strike, he was a thin tiny boy of Middle Eastern dissent. He would play Counter Strike for hours, after school we would go to Anaheim to the internet cafe and he would already be there. One day in math class he was talking about how he played Counter Strike 48 hrs straight only taking bath room and food breaks, of course other kids laughed at him but I understood. Most people that play video games have done that, I admit I’ve played video games all weekend with little breaks-that’s how I got that crappy game God of War Done-.

The one thing that always bugged me about the 1st person shooters-esp because I’m a platformer!-were they were always so intense. Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D-HUGE FAN OF THE 1ST COUPLE OF DUKE NUKEM’S PLATFORMER FOREVER!-And I guess it’s not that the games are intense but the boys became intense. I wonder why gamer girls don’t become so agro? By intense and agro I’m talking about in the days of Counter Strike and Battlefield 1942 people would be like,“Let’s kill these niggers!” “I killed that Jew bastard!” Kids would purposely choose to be the Nazi’s to reenact their love for them. Even today on a lot of these internet games these people are still like that.

As a mom I now play video games rarely, because I am a mom and have a child to raise. I know many father’s that spend tons of money on these games and do not let there kids play! I know many of those boys I descried up above are now becoming father’s. A huge reason I stepped away from playing a lot of video games where those people-described up above-. I have been and seen too many things in my life to be so agro about video games, no matter how much I love them.

A lot of times when people talk about video gamers in the negitive light they are talking about those kids that play non-stop. Do you know how much money it cost to get the newest video game every time it comes out? All those connections and Xbox live add up. Ryan, my mom’s boyfriend’s sister’s son had money or at least their parents did. I got 2 video games a year Christmas and my birthday and any other video games came from the arcade-Nickle Nickle for life!!!-I had a friend Adam who almost always got the newest video games because his best friend’s parents were divorced. Adam would joke about his friend becoming an ass because he would go,“Here’s this video game if you want it I’m done with it.” and toss it to Adam. Adam would go,“This dude is crazy he keeps giving me these games! These are 60 bucks! I always shrug my shoulder’s and go okay. Then the second I’m done I pass it on to someone else.” I’m sure that kids divorced parents didn’t know about the money they were blowing to have many kids in the O.C play video games.-Thank you Adam!-

The point I’m trying to make here it’s the parents fault! Many times my mom-even being on drugs-and other parents would tell us kids to TURN OFF THE VIDEO GAMES AND GO OUT AND PLAY! My friend Melody’s dad on many occasion’s would physically-to much anger!-turn off the Final FantasyXIV and tell us to go outside. When we as a group started losing our friend Chris to video games-by losing I mean that’s all he did and stopped taking shower’s-we would go over there as a group to get him. We would try to go to the mall-his mom would even give us money!-, we would try to go swimming and nothing worked. Now he is better but for 2 years is was on that slide going down and down.

That’s what I mean by parents fault. It’s is your job to stop your kid from getting intense! It is you job as a parent to play that game with your kid-even if you hate video games-, before you judge. In fact do your research before you buy that game. This is also not a racial thing and people need to stop that, I’m pretty sure you go to Japan and you can find as many agro Japanese and young white men.

All these parent’s that drown their kids in video games do it because it’s easier. It’s easier than getting up for Little League or Pee Wee Football and all the many sports and activities they offer kids. It’s easier than practicing or talking to your kid. As a parent you get out what you put in, and that’s it. Also loving video games is totally different than being downed in them. I wonder if the parent’s that buy or let their kid buy video games all the time even know if they finished them? I hear news stories where parent’s turned off the X box or Playstation 3 and their kid flew into a mad rage! I can’t even imagine doing that to my mom or a friend’s parent! I didn’t have friend’s that would do that to their parent!

Before you go and blame video games think do you even know what your talking about? When the girl in high school has the credit card and shops all weekend long, that’s the same as getting every new video game. It’s pretty hard to go up to those people and say you’re parents don’t care enough to stop you, because the truth is they already know!

Stop blaming video games and get all the facts, then ask people of different ages, races and economic backgrounds. When you have a huge hodgepodge of data and research then you go and blame. From my life and experiences it was always the upper middle class kids-of any race-that get so away from life and into the video games, they can afford to-and I’m not saying all-. At the same time these were always the kids who had parents that didn’t care. I love video games and always will, I hope my daughter grows up to like them too. I know what to look out for and the boys-sorry but true-she should be aware of. Again why are gamer girls less agro then the boys? 





Cyst Sisters

11 Dec

This post goes out to all my actual cyst sister’s! I want to shove into the light a woman that needs to be lit up. A couple of weeks ago my husband’s ex-wife called about a fight she was having with their daughter. My husband’s daughter was taking papers back to a class but her mom needed to leave, she was having surgery and now she was going to be late for the prep. She was yelling at her daughter and took her phone away. My husband and I were kind of concerned by the fact that she was having surgery and had the kids that day. My husband offered to keep the kids and his ex said no it will be fine the surgery was out patient and only 45mins. Later that night she was back at home and the fight was over, my husband’s daughter lost her cell for a whole week.

That night my husband and I made jokes that his ex was getting work done because she has just turned 40-that week-. A couple of days later when my husband saw his ex I said,”Did you see any scars?” He said yes on her neck, she had gotten a cyst removed on her collar bone, I felt bad for the jokes we had been making. I don’t know if a collar bone cyst is like an ovarian cyst but I just felt for her because mine are horribly painful. It did seem really fishy that getting a collar bone cyst removed would only take 45mins and the prep being the same day, what the hell do I know, just cause I’ve had cyst since 15.

The next week or so I went to my Dr’s-YES I FINALLY GOT HEALTH INSURANCE!!!-, the thing about my Dr’s office is that it is a Dr’s office, dental office and spa. YES A SPA!!!-and with all my choices, this was the only girl Dr.-As I was waiting in the main room I noticed all the flyers and posters of different things they offer. The one that caught my eye was something like the Lifestyle Lift, I don’t know exactly what it was called, but from the poster they tighten your neck in 45mins! It’s also an outpatient procedure! I was screaming in my head THIS BITCH GOT CAUGHT!

As soon as I got home I told my husband. He said I was right because she told him the cyst was on the left but her scar was on the right and her neck did look tight!!! We laughed our asses off!! What kind of loser would lie about getting plastic surgery! Let alone say it was something serious like a collar bone cyst. I’ve already told you guys how I hate Naomi Campbell and my husband’s sister because they got their ovarian cysts’ removed no problem!-SNAP OF A FINGER!-I was really hating on my husband’s ex, I shouldn’t have to be the only one living with this pain!

My husband asked his ex if her Dr.’s office by her parent’s house and she said yes. That’s where my Dr’s office is! Why do you women do this??? I could go into how I don’t wear make-up or high heels but that doesn’t matter-wear freshly cut foreskins on your face and throw out your backs I don’t care it’s your choice-True we made fun of my husband’s ex, we would have made less fun of her if she told the truth.

My husband’s ex is a Jr. High teacher, for her 40th birthday she told the kids to wear black for the funeral of her 30’s!!-she couldn’t just cry like most women?-I told my husband’s daughter how lame that was and  horrible for putting that idea in young girls heads. My husband’s daughter didn’t wear black for the funeral, only one girl in the whole school did-I bet that was fun for her-.

I guess I’m really bugged because I have cyst and I really did feel bad for my husband’s ex. I’m also bugged because so many people lie about plastic surgery. We’ve all had thoughts about getting something done; when I was younger I wanted my nose done, I wanted to have my feet broken and reset to a size 9, I wanted my legs broken and reset so I could be 5’8-sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?-I believe that there are people with serious things that need to be fixed so I’m not totally against it. In fact I’m not even against plastic surgery-it’s not for me-,I just hate that people lie and fake for silliness. You wanted it done! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? People become vegans just to get skinnier, the same this is starting to happen with gluten-free diets. People fake having cancer to get work done! There is seriously something wrong with that! Botox is the same as plastic surgery and a quick produce is just the same.

I’ve always been tall and skinny, and around 18 I tried modeling, I learned so many things! I learned to apply make-up right-I can now couture my nose to look smaller, no nose job needed-I learned that the make-up they use for photo shoots is TOTALLY different from the make-up at the mall and drug store; and a make-up artist is literally an artist because when they paint your face, they use a spade like tool and mix different colors to make your skin color and spackle it on. I had a brief period of wearing make-up in high school-I had dark blue eye brows!- I could never really get into it because it takes so much to do. Imagine doing hair and make-up for 3 hours!?!? To me that’s not fun, it’s torture. The most important things I learned about modeling is that all my friends who had always said I should try modeling got weirded out and it makes young women feel old. It made me feel like damn, I should have been doing this at 14 because all the girls that work at 18+ having been doing it that long-damn my crack head mom for wanting to give me a normal childhood!-. I worked at a job where my co-worker used to be a high fashion run-way model. She was so beautiful with long hair and stunning eyes, one day she showed me her pictures and told me a stories. I’ll always remember that she said she wished she wouldn’t have done it so long because now she feels old. SHE WAS 32!!!! She said one day she she was 23 she found a wrinkle on her foot and freaked out. One foot wrinkle! She had Cervical Cancer, but that didn’t bug her as much as getting older and what she once used to do! I decided to stop modeling and just be me. When I want to on special occasions I’ll wear make-up, bright colors and all! It’s what I like!-no foundation-

Lots of women paint their nails, dye their hair, tan and do all the other things we as women-and some men-can do. I’m on the side of knowing what’s in products and going for it. Plastic surgery, Botox and all those procedures fit in the same category.-Are you altering yourself?-What works for one person will not work for another. We as women need to realize that and pass on useful advice to girls, my husband’s daughter wears nail polish and she wears Wet n’ Wild. That cheap make-up that’s some how is free of those bad chemicals!-do your research!-What’s so bad about wearing a good sun screen and tanning by the sun? What’s so bad with getting older and wearing it with pride? What’s so bad in saying,”Hey I got my neck done?” I’d tell my husband’s ex-wife,”You look great!”



The Double Up-Down Part II

6 Dec

Hello everyone!!!-where has all the time gone?-I can finally say that I am happy and we figured out what was wrong with my daughter-somewhat-. On the day on the operation we were totally able to rent a car!-well not us, a friend of a friend’s wife paid for it and she doesn’t know. Which I think is sad because she totally saved the day!-As you know the Dr. who originally said she would be performing the procedure told me last minute that she would not be there.

I have to say my experience with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is very mixed. I know that a lot of people do wonderful things there and others just do a job. All the pre-op and post-op people were phenomenal; they were cool enough to let my husband go with them as they put our daughter to sleep. To the nurses that dealt with my husband, to the lady that showed my daughter what they were going to be doing to her on a doll, I thank you. To all the anesthesiologist’s and the women in post-op you are AWESOME! Even the Dr. who filled in for the other you rock! I know what you do is hard and many of the people in our situation treat you guys like shit-I heard horrible stories of kids waking up and cussing at these people-. At the same time you did for to school for your jobs to make money you do and even with that you do not judge.

Now with all that lovey dovey stuff out of the way, WE WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!-EVER!!!-

After the procedure the male Dr.-whose name I can’t spell and can’t understand worth a crap-said he couldn’t see anything wrong and everything was fine when they were looking. I told him that we gave her gluten and I noticed a weight change to which he said we may have not given her enough gluten and it may have not been enough time.-?!?!?!?!?!?!?!-

So now we fast forward to the day we were supposed to get the results and it was raining. My husband didn’t want to take our daughter because we’re back to busing it and didn’t want her around everyone and in the rain. I called the hospital and they said that she didn’t have to be there and the results were in-double checking!-. My husband goes all the way down there and the Dr. wasn’t in. No Dr’s that we had seen were in to see him.-Let my make this clear…My 3 yr old daughter had a biopsy and colonoscopy in which they took tissue samples from the Duodenum to the Rectum 11 to be exact and there was no Dr. to tell us the results. NO MOTHER F*N DR WAS IN TO TELL US THE RESULTS!!!! THE MALE DR. COCK FACE TOLD ME TO CALL AND MAKE SURE THE RESULTS WERE IN BEFORE GOING DOWN! THEY WERE IN I DID MY PART!! I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE!!!!-  Some guy handed my husband the final report, he gave it to me, I looked at it for days, I was so lost.

It wasn’t until my daughter was having those horrible huge kielbasa sausage bloody poops that I FLIPPED OUT! -One time when my husband was cleaning one and saying that this wasn’t normal for a kid, I flipped. I told him and my daughter that this was what I was saying the whole time and everyone thought I was over exaggerating! Yes even my husband! I told my 3 yr old daughter only mommy has your back!–okay yes I know it was a little much! CAN YOU BLAME ME!!!– My husband check out of cleaning poops back when I had to go in and get them!!-

Anyways….. I called her primary physician to make and appt and the-grumpy no soul-lady said I couldn’t set one because she has already seen the Dr. for that year. I told her she just had her operation and needs to see the Dr. about the results and the results from the allergist. She informed me that the Dr. had those results and there was no need, I went and bitched to my husband and I’m glad I did!  He told me that because we’re dirt poor that’s how it goes. Some people see the Dr. for anything anytime and some get to once a year unless there is a reason.-and then I thought back to the Dr. at the children’s hospital, the first visit she was so nice then she disappears. Even the male Dr was rude to my husband, I guess it’s funny how people could be that way especially being Dr’s and all- So I called my daughter’s Dr. again and told the same lady that she is going to see her Dr. because no one at the hospital explained the results and, she was going to have to because only she knew everything! So she made the appt!-Hell Yeah!-

I felt so empowered, I went and looked at the final report again and got to googling. Eosinophilic Esophagitis is and allergic inflammatory condition on the esophagus-also called Active Esophagitis-. Esosinophilic Enteritis always brought up Esosinophilic Gastroenteritis.-RIGHT?!?! Stay with me!-I know all of that seems confusing but it’s a lot better than-from the final report-:The finding of increased eosinophils with degranulated forms in the esophagus, small and large intestines is consistent with an allergic etiology(eosinophilic esophagitis and enteritis) in the appropriate clinical setting. Clinical correlation is recommended. Or Esophagus, distal portion, Biopsy:-esophageal mucosa with mild basal cell hyperplasia and increased intraepithelial eosinophils (>40/hpf), consistent with active esophagitis-no evidence of granuloma, dysplasia or malignancy  WTF RIGHT?! CAN YOU SEE WHY SOMEONE SHOULD EXPLAIN THINGS LIKE THIS???I’m not the smartest person by any means, I know my punctuation, sentence structure and all around general use of the English language is shit! That doesn’t mean I can write down what I don’t know even if it’s spelled wrong! This whole ordeal I’d write down my questions and write down what the Dr’s said, then double check it!-

So after finding out that I wasn’t exactly crazy I was able to be somewhat at peace but not really because I am not a medical professional. Luckly when my husband took our daughter to her Dr’s she explained it.-I should have been there with my billion questions but once again it was raining- The Dr. said indeed the final report showed that her body was having allergic reactions and the poops went along with it. BUT……… she thinks it comes from milk. MILK! Not positive, because gluten also reacted in other test but milk has now moved to the foreground. The side of my daughter’s lip started cracking and we caught it before it became a full blown rash, this happened before with the gluten fiasco.

And there you have it! Milk and gluten those silly bastards. So much pain so much woe over food, food that can kill us. Before my daughter I never really cared about allergy’s because they didn’t affect me. But when you stop and think about it food can kill you? People are allergic to plant sperm and eggs?-that’s what your sneezing up btw!- It’s absolutely fascinating, I don’t want to become an allergist though. I want to be some one who can actually help people and listen. Someone who has a wealth of medical knowledge  isnot a jaded Dr. Someone who knows what food, plant, drink and/or pill-if need be-that can solve your problem. I notice in life there are Dr’s,lawyers and teacher’s that specialize in a specific area, is the a Dr who specializes in the whole functioning human body? Is that too much work or schooling? I don’t think so I’m fact I know so! It’ll take me a million years-I gotta get a better grasp of the English language-but slowly I’ll get there. And it all starts with telling you guys it’s all my fault.


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