Medi-cal Insight

24 Feb

When you’re poor or, don’t make enough  money to get insurance, in California you get what is known as medi-cal. Not to be confused with medi-care, that’s what everyone gets with they’re older (something to think about). When I went to the Dr’s today,  and it was a wait, almost an hour before seeing the doctor. When I finally saw her was cool, and ordered the test I needed.

As I was leaving some lady who was in the same office as me, came up to me and was like,  “I don’t get why people yell and complain. You’re going to see the doctor,  if you need a specialist, they’ll get you to one. In other countries they don’t have health insurance” And I thought, she’s totally right! Believe me when it took 2 hours to see the gastroenterologist or 3 to see the gyno,  I admit I was a little pissed. I’ve asked how much longer is the wait, but I have never yelled at the office staff like I’ve seen some do. (life lesson: never yell at anyone, anywhere because they’ll find a way to get back at you)

I don’t who how it is in other countries, but I’ve had mostly good doctors except, for Dr. Lacypanties (that is what he shall be forever named as). My all time favorite doctor was leaving her office which sucks,  but I guess that’s life. The lady I was talking to was 53 and shot a shot in her hip for arthritis, she was fun and rachet as hell. I guess that is life, and they way you go about it effects you. She did not look 53, and when I look in the mirror I don’t look 28, I look way older and it makes me sad. I have to many health issues it’s ridiculous. But, it’s how you go about it as to how it’s going to show on your face,  body and well being. 

So I’m going to brush off my shoulders my up coming colonoscopy and endoscopy, not worry about those reused, interchangeable cameras. I will really focus on trying to be more conscience of the foods I eat, actually deal with the fact I have Crohns. I have to learn and  remember it’s not a big deal,  and never have another melt down like I did the other day.


Glutinous Rice Flour

24 Feb


This one makes me want to explore Asian food a lot more. I’ll say this, it’s a thickener but, you have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what Oobleck is look it up! Because, if you use too much of this,  that’s what you get.

I made rice balls with this and they were not like mochi,  kinda gummy chewy, but my daughter liked it, so hey it was a plus! I will get some more and put the experiments into the gluten free test kitchen. I found a recipe that calls for rice balls cooked in coconut milk and one for spring roll wrappers.

Rating 1-10

Pamela’s Pancake & Waffle Mix

24 Feb


This was a huge hell yes from my husband, who’s not gluten free. So that says a lot. My daughter wanted pancakes for Christmas morning (I know,  I’m behind on my post) and I didn’t want to cook. I got this at Whole Foods, it was the only one that didn’t have xanthan gum in it.

They came out like normal looking pancakes. The batter wasn’t liquidity. When the non-gluten eaters in the family like something that is gluten free, you cherish it!  Because when they don’t! THEY’LL LET YOU  KNOW! (I know some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about!) I made all the whole bag and it feed 5 people completely. When I’m lazy and they’re on sale,  I will definitely be getting this again!

8/10 👍

Worst Day Ever

23 Feb

I can safely say that about that day. The day I finally got to go before the SSI disability judge.
I don’t know if I ever got into it, but I had a incident that has messed up my life. Like seriously, I walk with a cane… But anywho,  after months of waiting and not wanting to deal with lawyers, I went in alone. Which in hindsight was a terrible idea. If you ever have to go before the SSI judge( I hope you don’t), and they ask if you want more time to have someone with you, even though it will take MONTHS for a new hearing, TAKE IT AND RUN!!!

My day began by dropping off my daughter at school and rushing to the bus stop. And of course as I’m  hobbling down the street 2 buses(that I need) fly by.  So I waited, 30 mins for the next bus…  As Rapid buses were flying by. (To say that I’ve got a huge love hate relationship with Google Maps, is putting it lightly… very lightly!!) Instead of the regular bus, I could have hopped on the Rapid and been on time!!  An option that google never gave me!
Anyways, as I started crying waiting for the bus, I  saw it coming. It stopped at a stop for minutes, and I’m like WTF this is seriously happening to me!  So now I’m crying, when it finally gets to me, I’m crying on the bus! (yes,  I was THAT person!) I finally got to my transfer point.. As 2 Rapid buses fly by!! I literally broke down on Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire and I’m sure it was a sight to see.

That is the one thing that I can’t stand about public transportation… No matter what you have to do,  you’re on their schedule. I had to call the disability office and beg for them not to skip me! They said ok, and I calmed down. I took a minute to look up this judge, and after reading the comments I knew I was fucked. Lawyers were saying she a tough nut. When I finally saw her, Judge Logic, she was a shrewd woman who could give no fucks with short hair.

I was asked before I entered the room to take off my sunglasses that I wear because of light sensitivity. I asked her if I could put them on and she said no, because nothing in my file said I need them. BUT I SENT IN ALL MY PAPER WORK! No fucks! After hearing me crying as I tried to see, it was deemed that I could work and that was that. And she even said, “That is all, thank you for coming even though you were late.”  I wanted to gouge her eyes out! My eyeballs were throbbing, my hearing was done, and I left with nothing.

So of course I was crying AGAIN on Wilshire Blvd and on the bus to go to my Dr’s appointment. This is where I learned that one of my favorite Dr’s was going to be leaving. The Dr who remembers my husband on the first day fighting for me,  saying I wasn’t faking it. The Dr who did everything in her power to get me to the right specialist. Dammit man,  what a fucked up day…
She even told me 1st! And… AND was scared that she would leave and I wouldn’t see again. I’ve never had a nicer Dr and I don’t know if I  will again.

~*~Gluten Putin ~*~

Simply Delish Jel- Peach

20 Feb


The only one in my family that liked this was me, which is sad because I only get these things for my daughter. It’s like Jello but way better.  Besides the fact that it is gluten free and vegan, it sets up very fast,  like 30 minutes fast. The taste was good,  to me… it’s sugar free and doesn’t have that nasty after taste. I will definitely be getting this brand again.  The only downside is I’ve only seen these at Whole Foods Market. In my case,  because I’m on Calworks(EBT/welfare) Whole Foods is like going to Gelson’s to buy meat when it’s not on sale. Funny enough, I bought this on sale! The next sale, I’ll definitely be getting this again! And of course, there are more flavors than Peach.



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