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Rankings and Ratings

4 Mar


I saw this on the web and decided to use it as my rankings. I figured it was a good grasp of what I’m trying to get across to you. (as I know my grammar can be rough like course sandpaper) I will of course go higher or lower if need be, but I think this covers it. I can’t stand it when ratings are out of 4 or 5. Like what the H is that!? It’s too close to tell when the range is that small. I don’t know about you, but I can eat something without liking it, and a lot of times I have to. Average means ok, but it also means you can stomach it. When something is nasty I want you to know it and feel it! Like when you eat something nasty and your stomach tells your head it’s not doing this.



Rice and Chicken

3 Mar


Arroz con Pollo is what it’s really called. Just brown the chicken and then add some onion and garlic if you like chopped up of course. Then add in the rice, add enough water or stock and you’re pretty much done. The seaweed is for the salad but if you wanted to get festive you could add it to the chicken. I usually add frozen peas after I add the water. This is for 5 people and everyone gets a leg,  so make a lot of rice!

Chicken: $2.93
Salad: $1.99
Rice: $1.00
Seaweed: .99
Total (rounded up): $7.00

~*~Gluten Putin~*~

Glutinous Rice Flour

24 Feb


This one makes me want to explore Asian food a lot more. I’ll say this, it’s a thickener but, you have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what Oobleck is look it up! Because, if you use too much of this,  that’s what you get.

I made rice balls with this and they were not like mochi,  kinda gummy chewy, but my daughter liked it, so hey it was a plus! I will get some more and put the experiments into the gluten free test kitchen. I found a recipe that calls for rice balls cooked in coconut milk and one for spring roll wrappers.

Rating 1-10

Pamela’s Pancake & Waffle Mix

24 Feb


This was a huge hell yes from my husband, who’s not gluten free. So that says a lot. My daughter wanted pancakes for Christmas morning (I know,  I’m behind on my post) and I didn’t want to cook. I got this at Whole Foods, it was the only one that didn’t have xanthan gum in it.

They came out like normal looking pancakes. The batter wasn’t liquidity. When the non-gluten eaters in the family like something that is gluten free, you cherish it!  Because when they don’t! THEY’LL LET YOU  KNOW! (I know some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about!) I made all the whole bag and it feed 5 people completely. When I’m lazy and they’re on sale,  I will definitely be getting this again!

8/10 👍

Simply Delish Jel- Peach

20 Feb


The only one in my family that liked this was me, which is sad because I only get these things for my daughter. It’s like Jello but way better.  Besides the fact that it is gluten free and vegan, it sets up very fast,  like 30 minutes fast. The taste was good,  to me… it’s sugar free and doesn’t have that nasty after taste. I will definitely be getting this brand again.  The only downside is I’ve only seen these at Whole Foods Market. In my case,  because I’m on Calworks(EBT/welfare) Whole Foods is like going to Gelson’s to buy meat when it’s not on sale. Funny enough, I bought this on sale! The next sale, I’ll definitely be getting this again! And of course, there are more flavors than Peach.



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