Non-Dairy Yogurt Fail # 1

4 Jan


These are the ingredients supposedly needed to make yogurt. I truly don’t know, because I’ve only tried it with dairy and,  accomplished it once. Milk,  yogurt, put in a jar and barely heat to around some temperature I forgot. I guess I  should have done the research, but I  like winging it. But, non-dairy yogurt is new to me. Usually you just turn on the oven light, or turn the oven on really low. I forgot to turn off the oven from 150 degrees, which I  know is way too high and I got this…..


I can’t begin to tell you what that is! But it sure isn’t non-dairy yogurt!

I tried again and it separated! Sorry for no picture but I was pissed because I don’t have the money to waste. The whole point of making my own yogurt is to save money.  So now, I’m at step 1, and not back to it because I didn’t research!

~*~ Gluten Putin ~*~


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