The Other Meat Trick

11 Dec

Once again, I don’t know if this is a trick, as much of it is just plane shisty. Trick has such a cooler sound to it though. (it’s like we’re all being tricky)

This time you’ll want the manager’s special meats. Of course not to buy, for the labels. Carefully peel off the the label and stick it over something else’s price tag. Please don’t go being ridiculous and switching for expensive things! That’s how you’re likely to get caught. (plus we’re just going to eat here!)

When you’re checking out in line, just casually say you want all the meats or something else to go together in the bag. Normally they’re not looking at the screen, but just in case. And in case it’s not implied, you won’t be returning these.

~*~ Gluten_Putin ~*~


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