Meat Take Back Trick

11 Dec

So there you are, at the beginning of the month, with your money and food. Sometimes even food money, but that’s only for the poor, rich and well organized. To be fair this isn’t really a trick, it’s just  doing what no one ever does, return it.

Not the meat itself (although I’ll get to that later) but the receipts. You’ll also need to save the price tag on the product.  So why would you want to “return” your meat product that was perfectly fine? That’s simple, because it’s the end of the month and you have no food (and money’s low)!

Why meat?  Well, because you can’t take back a bunch of veggies to equal the price of meat. Meat is easy and unconscious, veggies raise questions. (unless you’re at Wholefoods)  So save your receipts and price labels. Go to the customer service counter, and say it tasted bad, made weird smell or anything you can think of. They’ll give you the money back or put it on your card (if that’s how you purchase things).

Now you’ve exchanged that chicken for beef or maybe some seafood. (hell, you could skip meat altogether and get veggies!) Either way you’ve made a meal,  and the family, yourself or roomates eat. This is obviously something  you do sporadically, as to not draw attention  to what you’re  doing. When you actually get bad meat (and you will, it’s the grocery store, you just never take it back)  you freeze it, and take the whole thing back. Say it was beyond ridiculous what it looked,  smelled or tasted like (it’s whatever was wrong with the meat).  This way they get proof of bad product, and they’ll hope you just bring in the receipts from now on.

True, after awhile they will look at you oddly (and who cares, I double bag on E.B.T) look right through them! They don’t care about the roaches at night, or why you have to pay 10¢ for a bag that’s cost was already a counted for? Just remember to not let them intimidate. Nothing is going to happen! You paid for it, fair and square.



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