I’m ruining my marriage.

6 Dec

Of course, this is why you don’t take to heart what a celebrity says. (Especially Gwyneth Paltrow!😩) I must admit, I wear sweatpants. Real sweatpants; not the fitted cute kind, and not the thin material see your ball sack sweatpants men are starting to wear. I wear real don’t give a shit sweat pants. And they’re grey! Back when I was 26 and getting that pesky total hysterectomy done, it never dawned on me that after the surgery and healing jeans wouldn’t feel the same anymore. I want nothing tight if I don’t have to wear it. (Especially something that NEVER fit right to begin with! For all the women out there, when you’re 6ft tall, jeans suck ass!) So Eva Mendes, for the 2nd time has made comments about my beloved sweatpants that were negative. I find this odd for a Catholic woman who had a child out of wedlock(not judging I am one) with a man whose family isn’t so keen on her exotic qualities(basically, they were not cool with her being Latin shhh🙅). So Eva pissed off her family and his, oh well. (Did they ever get married? Do you ever see them out and about?! Let me know!) There was a blind item years ago about a Latin actress who was doing so much cocaine and  partying, she ended up having a miscarriage and didn’t even know she was pregnant! (Sloppy) First off, live your life the way you want(I guess), second, this was around the time she went off the scene for a while. It could have been any Latin actress, it could have been fake. But let’s just say it’s “alleged” and “supposedly her”.

To speak negatively about sweatpants when so much has “allegedly” happened seems odd.  If you want to make negative comments abouts something, you should look at yourself before doing so. (I’ve been working a lot on this) I know no one is perfect, many women have trapped men into marriages with a baby. This is nothing new. But many times, that girl,(you all know her or have heard of her!) wants to say something that is beyond her capacity to think. (I know how this sounds,  and men are definitely not excluded!)

Going back to not taking to heart what a celebrity says especially, when we as the public don’t know what really goes on(Debauchery).
I also find it odd that,  out of the many celebrities that have gone to college or that are knowledgeable, don’t drop useful information. One person (Gabrielle Union) said she drinks a gallon of water a day for beautiful skin. (does this even sound right?!) The sad thing is people listen and try these things.  It makes me wonder where a lot of people’s minds are, especially celebrity’s. I think I’d be a great joke if most famous people were stupid (like really stupid),  and if we knew them in our personal lives we’d laugh at the ding bat things they would say(we all know someone, and if you don’t, it maybe you😱). But seriously, imagine that person you know(or have ever known). Now, imagine them rich and famous, wouldn’t you be pissed!
~*~ Gluten_Putin~*~



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