That’s All Folks!

20 Mar

Hey there everyone, seems like it’s been forever and a day, and in fact it has. I’ve been gone for a long long time and right now, I don’t really want to do this blog. I know, but I’m in the life mood of f*** it.

I don’t know where I was in telling the story of my life, but I’ll just fast forward.
Since June of 2014 I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopic procedure and a hysterectomy. I have gastritis which was the cause of me always feeling nauseous, the horrible stomach pains and throwing up blood. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and having uterine adhesions on my small intestines and large intestine also fully covering my uterus. I also have Crohn’s disease and is why when I eat gluten and corn I become a horribly nauseous and throw up and a week later my body goes through horrible horrible cramps/pain. It is also the cause of my acne.
So please forgive me you all, if I just wanna live my life and be a somewhat normal 26 year old. I have now found out I will live my life in pain forever because I have ulcers all through my small intestine , & I have to watch what I eat. Did you know that with Crohn’s disease you’re not supposed to eat meat, fresh fruit, dairy, corn, gluten basically nothing. No spicy food, definitely no greasy food, no tea, no coffee and no smoking-which I’m fine with-. We are still on welfare still using WIC , so yeah…. life goes how it goes! And I’m going to enjoy what life I have left, and get back to you talking about gluten and food. No more health problems from me on my end, I’ll stop boring you guys with that.
I’ve been having lots of fun on Google+ under the name Coco LaDouche-you should know this ;-)-come find me and we’ll chat all the time! I also use Twitter my name isGluten Putin. I look forward to chatting and meeting you guys at the conventions and swapping recipes.

Good day, goodnight and have a good life! It’s been so much fun you guys, and this is definitely not the end, I just want some time to f*** around and be normal for a bit.
Forever yours! Muah!
~*~Gluten Putin~*~



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