2 Dec


Blepharitis is a condition that I have had since I was in jr high school. If at any time in this story, you feel that you have/had the same symptoms, go to your doctor and demand that you go see an Opthamologist! Blepharitis is caused by couple of different reasons; clogged oil glands, bacteria and allergic reactions, dandruff or even head lice. Symptoms are unbelievable itching of the eye lids, swelling and little bumps on the rim of I lid.-it tends to hurt when you blink-For me I would get a couple of bumps at the time on the top and bottom lids, it would be very painful to blink and it started to affect my vision.-I already wear glasses and I could tell I was looking me vision-When I didn’t wash my eyes for a day, my top eyelid would get puffy and hurt. What seemed like a ring of dead skin would form around each eyelash. Over the next couple of days my eyelashes with fallout masses! When I would wash my eyelids, my top lid would still be puffy, & I would still have those bumps, and my eyelashes would still fall out in masses!-I don’t wear eye makeup of any kind, why was this happening!-I went to my primary care physician and told her my symptoms just like the rest, and of course this time there were no bumps. I told her I’ve been doing the no tear soap eye wash thing forever, I still demanded that I see an eye specialist and she said she would order the paperwork.

It’s that simple people, make them let you see an Opthamologist. Tell them it’s affecting your vision and you can’t stop dealing with falling out of eyelashes, bumps, eyelid pain and puffiness. Worse than barely having any eyelashes is, when they grow back crooked and twisted! The eyelashes lay on each other in weird ways that it makes them come out, makes your lids hurt and fill your life with woe.

I went to see Dr Gordon in Hollywood, this guy is awesome, even though I didn’t have any bumps on my eye-of course, I’m starting to think my eyelids are plotting against me- he still listen to. He pulled my top eyelid over a plastic stick- the air blow to the eye is nothing compared to this-he could tell that my eyelids were puffy and my eyelashes were wonky. He prescribed me something called Bacitracin. I always look up medicine before I take it, lots of things on the net were saying the side effects can make you get dermatitis and it works no better than Neosporin. Well if you can’t get to an Opthamologist you might want to look into using Neosporin! This Bacitracin stuff is helping my eye lid swelling go down and giving my eyelashes a chance to grow back! I can’t even remember the last time I have those bumps in my eyes! If I skip a couple of days my eyes go right back to swelling. I’m trying to get the green light to see an allergist, because after almost three months of using this, like I said when I stop to my eye lids go back. If you have wonky eyelids or eyelashes like me its okay! Think about the problem instead of getting eyelash regrowing products. Your eyes maybe having an allergic reaction or bacteria or worse, either way go get help!



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