Gluten Glorious Gluten

5 Aug

Now where do I begin with gluten? I’d like to say for the last time in my life time eating it would be fun, but its not. It really sucks being on welfare, even more so now and I get that’s a very selfish statement.-Just so you guys know I write these post about a month or so after life happens so I get a little bit of amnimity and time to write these post-.
First thing I went and had was pizza, real pizza. You know that kind of pizza with the crispy crunchy crust? The kind of pizza crust that’s fluffy and chewy? The kind of crust that you actually need gluten to achieve!?! Yeah I ate that Pizza! Second was fried chicken. Sure Popeye’s counts, on a Tuesday.-and if you don’t know; Popeye’s over KFC, KFC over Churches, Roscoe’s is so so and the Louisiana Fried Chicken on Manchester and Normandie is the BEST!! Also the Jim Dandy on Vermont and Imperial is bomb and the powdered sugar fritters are AWESOME!!! The latter is not recommended for all, many people would get freaked out about bullet holes in all the bullet proof glass. That being said that’s how good it is! Staying in business after shooting after shooting, murder after drive-by! That’s some damn good fried chicken and also my Jewish husband used to get me chicken from there all the time so don’t be that worried–. Third was a hamburger with a real bun. I hate using Udi’s sandwich bread for burgers. As a kid that’s how we’d eat burgers and to get hamburger buns was a treat. My husband was awesome and got bagels, I could go on a rant about gluten free bagels but I’ll spare you for now. As I’m reading back over this I’m sounding really bitchy, I don’t mean for it to come across that way. Imagine for the last time in your life you would be able to do something, for a short time, that you thought you were never going to be able to do again. The only catch is you won’t have the money to do what you really want.


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