Gastroenterologist PartII

17 Jul

On the day of my appt with my gastroenterologist I felt a sigh of relief, finally I was going to know what was up. I hadn’t really eatten in the days before because I had thrown up blood. Her office is just down the street from Mac Arthur park and if you live in L.A-or ever bought a fake I.D-you know that area is horrible. Well her office-in fact the entire building-is clean as a whistle, this was extremely comforting.
Although I showed up early I still had to wait past my appt time to get seen. After my weigh in and vitals I was left in the room with all kinds of gastrointestinal diagrams and posters. I was wondering what I had, I also learn your appendix gets inflamed and infected because poop can get in it-ewwww-. When Dr Suchov came in she asked me about why I was there, I told her and she listen. I love the fact that when I told her I wasn’t eating right and I had been losing weight-this started before bloody puke-she didn’t make a face like the lady at my primary care physician’s office did! She told me she was going to order an upper gi endoscopy and colonoscopy. I asked if we could do it the same time and day like my daughter. She informed me with adults its different, it has to go through insurance and my body needs time for the gluten to take effect. I said excuse me? I get to eat gluten, starting when? “Today if you want.” I nearly exploded!! My mind was running wild! And because she is an amazing Dr. she asked if there was anything else we need to discuss. I ran through all my topics in my head and said no. Then, oh my God duh! I shouted,”My hemroid!” “You are the Dr that’s supposed to fix that right?!” She smiled,”Yes after your endoscopy and colonoscopy.”
And that was that! I was scheduled an endoscopy in a couple of weeks. The woman informed me that it was up to me to make sure my insurance would cover it. That’s when I thought, wasn’t I supposed to have that laparoscopic procedure?
-_-Gluten Putin-_-


One Response to “Gastroenterologist PartII”

  1. jamesbrown4701 July 31, 2013 at 4:56 am #

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