7 Jul

My gastointerologist is one cool lady, this is the first Dr that has totally listened to me. My stomach was doing really bad and I felt horrible all the time. A couple of days before my first appointment my husband had made ribs-he’s the best gluten/corn free bbq sauce maker EVER!-. I knew I shouldn’t but I love ribs!
Nausea to throwing up is a weird body process; first your stomach just hurts a little, then it feels like something’s not mixing right and a slight pull. That pulling leads to churning and full blown nausea, the kind that stays with you-like those ribs, I actually knew the point when the greasy deliciousness separated and the oil floated to the top, greasy nausea sucks!-Full blown nausea leads to a creeping up feeling; like do I have to throw up?! Many of us can shake this off, others it leads to mouth watering. Now when you have pulling, mixing, churring, crampy creeping up feeling and mouth watering you know what’s coming next. You can be like me and Swallow For Your Life or just puke, sometimes your mouthwaters for a long ass unhelpful time. Now, you have all those symtoms and are burping watch out, 50/50 chance your going to throw up where you stand! At this point no matter what cover your mouth! As an expert on puking at this point I’m letting you know you can’t hold it in your mouth and run to the bathroom. IT WILL MAKE YOU THROW UP MORE AND GET EVERYWHERE!
That’s exactly what happened to me, but with horrible stomach pain. I was dry heaving-everyone knows this sucks!-and praying not to throw up that greenish-yellow horrible tasting bile. When I threw up the last of the ribs it tasted funny,-right I know-like blood. I couldn’t tell it was already red, but always getting nose bleeds in humid weather I know what blood taste like. I did double flush clean up-also the floor-and got ready for another round. I started to dry heave then it came up and at the end the last bit, I threw up a stream of blood. Full on red blood, my mouth was coated in the taste!-if your reading this and getting grossed out just imagine how I felt! Now imagine how you would feel in the exact same situation, being 25, a mother, a wife and to a lesser extent a stepmom-
I started crying and thinking of everytime I threw up, and nothing like this EVER HAPPENED. I pulled my self together and joined my husband and daughter, I told him I threw up his delicious ribs and that was it. It must have been about 30mins when it was all happening again, I got up and my husband did too! I told him he didn’t have to come but he wanted to take care of me, I told he I didn’t know what was going to come up, but he still didn’t care!
We were in the bathroom-what the f’ was I going to do!-it was coming up, he was rubbing my back and out it went. Dry heaving and all it came out! He said,”Wow! That looks like blood!” “No just BBQ sauce” I told him. I flushed and damn it was came again! “BABY THAT IS BLOOD! Are you okay?!!?!” I just looked at him and started crying saying I didn’t know.
We kinda had this moment right there in the bathroom, no one said anything and I was trying not to cry. Then he grabbed some T.P wiped my face and said,”Yeah, I’d make a badass widow!” I started cracking up! “No seriously! I’d wear black all the time and carry a bad ass picture of you! But seriously, you’ll get fix.” He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said no. And lets just say I was very scared of eatting for the next few days.


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