The Big “H”

5 Jul

Ello Ello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around at all lately, Ive been preparing for the BIG H. I turned 26 everyone! I was in bed recoverying from an operation, a great way to say goodbye to your youth-I kid, 26 forever-! Well since I haven’t written in ages I guess I should start with everything leading up to the BIG H.

Remember when I went to the radiologist and my lady parts looked like the surface of the moon?-if not catch up quick-Well I got the results back and to my dismay I didn’t get the answers I was looking for. My right overy has a small cyst in it and my uterus was actually inlarged. It explained NOTHING about my left side horrible overy pain. I was confused, Ive had this pain forever something had to be there. My husband even joked about me, a mountain and a mole hill. When I went my gyno’s-OFF SUBJECT REAL QUICK; MANY OF YOU KNOW MY STANCE ON MALE DR’S. ESPECALLY A MALE GYNOCOLOGIST-I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIANCE WITH ONE IN ORANGE COUNTY WHEN I, WAS ABOUfT 16. HE WAS A WHITE MAN, IN A VERY WHITE AREA. MY NEW GYNO IS ASIAN IN CHINA TOWN. THE FIRST TIME IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM HE WALKED IN AND SO DID A WOMAN. NOT ONLY IS IT VERY COMFORTING KNOWING NOTHING WEIRD COULD GO ON, IT GOES TO SHOW WHAT YOU PAY INTO FOR YOUR INSURANCE
Anywho I gave my gyno the results and he was confused. He then did his examination and asked if it hurt-doesn’t it always?!-I told him yes, then he asked,”Does it hurt during sex?” I told him,”Before, during and after”. He

looked at me and said the word Ive avoided and could no longer, “Endometriosis”. My heart sank because I knew what has to be done to test for it. He began to explain the laparoscopy procedure to me when I cut him off and said,”The thing where they go into your belly bottom?” He assure me I was correct and the only other option would be to mess around with my hormones and see how my body reacts on my rag. Not an option! So he was going schedule the laparoscopy and that was that. Now as I was walking back to the red line, I admit I was crying like a bitch. Yes me!-have you ever cried after getting news from your Dr?- I called my husband and he was consoling me also letting me know I was kinda being a baby.-when I was a kid I used to have fucked up reacoring dreams; giants roming the land eatting humans, drowning, not being able to speak and the worst of them people jamming their finger’s into my belly button! I know Im f`d up!-Ive always hated when my belly button got touched, getting my tubes tied was no fun but I knew this was going to hurt.


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