Seriously Quitting Cigarettes This Time Gluten Is EVERYWHERE!!!!

8 May

Isn’t that insane! And I know some of you are like,“You’re worried about the gluten and not EVERYTHING else?!?!” Hey if you didn’t buy your own cigarettes at 13-by pulling “Hey Mr’s”-and have your druggie mom bum them off of you and, at 16 let you and your friend smoke in the house, you guys don’t get it. For those of you who do get it, stop it.-or do what you want I don’t wanna become that person!-

But in all seriousness, my husband’s ex-wife sent him this article about gluten in cigarettes and boy, we were all surprised! I took to the net to fact check and it turns out it’s true, there is gluten in the glue that holds the papers together.-this is also probably true for zig-zags-This person wrote to American Spirit Cigarettes-those all natural ones I was smoking-and they told the person that yes they do have gluten in them, no more or less than other brands. Am Spirits always made me feel sick after smoking unlike Camel Turkish Royals-my brand as a kid-which didn’t. I even looked up gluten free cig papers!

That’s when it hit me! Wasn’t I in the process of quitting before things went to shi*t?! Like before being totally homeless? So now I’m quitting!-Yay me!-I say quitting because, you can’t quit smoking cigarettes until you know your all the way done. I have not had a cigarette in over a week but I did get one of those cheap-o electric ones. I don’t want to go to much into my past but those have a horrible after taste-like the bad sh*t, some of you know what the bad sh*t is! Hey Tina girl long time no see!-My first electric cig I sucked down in 2 days, realizing that’s not how it’s supposed to work-thanks babe-I’ve been doing a lot better. These are great for quitting because to me they don’t work-mentally-and it’s becoming lamer and lamer. Way better than gum or patches!-have you ever hear of someone getting those just to smoke? Exactly! They are nasty and lame, also great weeners-

My husband says I’m not complaining about being in pain anymore-I still hurt just bitch less I guess-and I wake up in better mood, also something about fresher breath-who knows-. My husband will be quitting soon as I stop, I totally believe him now when he said we both can’t quit at the same time. If we had we’d just be grumpy together, this way he is my cheerleader and checker of shiftyness-yes I did smoke once as soon as he feel alseep!-and now that I’m almost over my 13 years of smoking he can stop soon too!-and typing this right now just make me look at the fact I’m going to be 26 in June and I’ve been smoking cigarettes for 13 years! DAMN!-




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