Are My Lady Parts Supposed To Look Like The Surface Of The Moon?

7 May

Yesterday I finally got to go to the radiologist and get my ultrasound for my left ovary.-my stomach still has to wait- All hell broke loose for a quick second because I was denied for not being covered, turns out medi-cal takes a while to update.-Once again I’m so sorry Care 1st lady for yelling at you! This is my life I’m dealing with!-

So after that fiasco and missing my scheduled time, I was able to get in because the 3:00 appt didn’t show. So my bladder was full and away I went to be ultra’ed. The technicians started doing their do and I asked,“I’ve done this many times before and I know you can’t tell me what you’re looking at but, humor me what are you looking at?” That’s when the guy said,“Your ovary and your uterus.” Finally!!! Someone with a sense of humor! I guess my bladder was too full, or the needed to be sure what they were looking at because they made me go and pee half out. Anyone-ANY WOMAN-who has had a ultrasound on your haynaner-yes that’s what I call it-knows how hard it is to keep a full bladder ESP when they start pushing on it. It’s even HARDER to have a full bladder emptied half way! It REALLY makes you have to go pee!

When they started up again they were zooming and taking more pics, they always do for me! I asked the tech again,”Now to the untrained eye what might I be looking at?” “You ovary and uterus but you don’t have to be trained to look at those.”-Right! Guy was on it!-Ever since the 1st time I got ultra’ed and the technician zoomed in and took pics of what looked like a lump, then told my mom and I it was nothing; then two weeks later I learned I had an ovarian cyst, I learned quick they know what they’re looking for and at-sorry for that horrible runon-. Legality’s is why they don’t tell you what they’re looking at, so my advice to you is to have fun with them! Obviously some people can handle jokes in serious times.

When they got to my left ovary and the many lumps, I was lost in the screen. They have temperature filters now, I think that’s cool. When they were all done I asked them,“Just so I have this clear, are my lady parts supposed to look like the surface of the moon?” The guy busted up laughing, the girl cracked a smile-tough crowd-. When I met up with my husband I told him all about my moon surface vagina, he was kinda worried and the fact that I was laughing and joking made him more, I told him not to worry. I know something is in my left ovary when I’m on my rag it hurts so much he has to carry me around. I didn’t know something was on the right or that a whole bunch of unknown lumps in my uterus. Oh well, my mom had fibroid’s and my cousin just had a hysterectomy. It’s clear that the women in my family have funky Va-j-j’s, I pray for my daughter!

Now I’m just waiting to get my results, I’m not going to hope for anything  at this point in life the chips fall where they may. I’ve wanted to have my girly parts taken out YEARS ago, but the older women always said don’t! Is menopause that bad? My mom was on drugs when she was going through it, I think that’s what added to the craziness-also me moving out and living with a friend at 16-. Any NORMAL-ha-women think going through menopause is that bad? I could get crazy hot, I’d be down. Let you know the results when they’re in!




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