Trader Joe and Whole Foods We Deserve What We Get Now!

3 May

I’m sure some of you guys know that California is going to try and sue Trader Joes and Whole Foods for lead contaminated ginger. I am so F*ing pissed off beyond belief because with my stomach probs what do you think soothes it? The natural stomach calming property of GINGER! Ive been giving that shit to my whole family! My 3 year old daughter!!! So here’s the article! and another one and one more

So when I called Traitor Joes and Hazel called me back she informed me that they would not knowingly let lead contaminated ginger in their stores. Reading those articles makes you feel different doesn’t it! Once again HAZEL from TRAITOR JOES-it stays forever!-said I could quote her on this, she works at the Corporate Headquater’s and deals with customer complaints,“Traitor Joes’s would not knowingly let lead contaminated ginger in their stores.” So when this goes to court use this blog in your class action suit. When I brought up to her that I’m just a concerned mother that wants to fact check because; I have to look through their ingredients because they let GMO corn into their products. Hazel told me that’s not true and to check their website.

Now Hazel my dear! I am not the 1st one to make up TRAITOR JOES! Those protesters that were protesting against your company for letting in GMO CORN made it up.  This last year every time I went to a Whole Foods their were people getting people to sign their petition. They would skip over me  TIME AND TIME AGAIN! My Jewish husband got a talking to, not me though. Now bitches read your Whole Food labels because they let in GMO’s!

I’m so sick of people thinking that healthy people look and act a certain way, when I go to Whole Foods with my food stamps I get stares. I always wonder why do you care? Why are you not buying the same healthy food for your kid? You want to judge, look at what’s happening! So can we please stop judging and stick up for one another?! Can you protester’s stop skipping over people who do not look like you?! Can we care about good food and ANYONE who wants to eat that good food?-to white vegan people black people laugh at you guys! Black people always joke that white vegans are disgusting looking and don’t do Veganism right. White Vegan people look at Africans, American Blacks, Islander’s and Middle Eastern’s that’s how veganism is done. My fellow black people can you help the white vegan people out and stop laughing at them?- Sorry to get racial but it’s true white vegan and black vegans look totally different. BUT YOU ALL ARE VEGAN HOW CAN THAT BE SO?!?! Everyone has to stop-yes even me!-We all stand up together of we all die one by one. And Hillary Clinton please come forward and give your fellow Vegans diet advice!-Oh you didn’t know she was a VEGAN?!-




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