3 May

Sorry but this one is definitely not family friendly. 

So as you guys should hopefully know by now, my family is coming out of one hell-of-journey. My husband who was injured at work continues to be denied by the state of California for his disability insurance. You know that thing that ALL WORKERS PAY INTO that thing that’s SUPPOSED TO SAVE YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST?!?! Even after showing proof of their  mistakes time and time again they continue to deny, and we continue to appeal.

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from social services that someone was using my daughter’s social security number to get disability insurance. Let me say that again  SOMEONE IS USING MY DAUGHTER’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO GET DISABILITY INSURANCE. Surely you all are plagued by the idea that a 3year old could get EDD. The same people who denied my husband and told him they do not make mistakes made the hugest mistake possible. After all the things my family has been through, what do you think I’m going to do to this person? After reading this blog do think I have a friend in the law? I don’t even care that this post will be used as evidence to incriminate me! I am going to run you over with my car! I’m going to burn down your house and anything you got with that EDD money! I’m going to rip out every hair from your body and jam my thumbs into your eyes! Then after that, after I’m out of jail I’m going to sue whatever I have to do to make you feel like me; like my daughter like my husband and our whole family. You will feel what it’s like to have everything ripped from under you and get pounded down again and again!

This is no joke people I wish it was! I’m going to kill this person. I’ve already started the legal process to the best of my ability right now. HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE GET DISABILITY INSURANCE WITH A STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER?!?! DON’T THEY CHECK?!?!?!

I found out that Celiac’s Disease presented in the right way can qualify for S.S.I and that’s what I’m going to do for my daughter. Get S.S.I and save it for her college fund. I want you to do the same thing, why not? There are tons of people who lie and fake S.S.I for their kids, do the same. My husband’s ex-wife’s older brother has down syndrome, and my husband talked the parents into getting him S.S.I, around 27. He has worked, been in the special Olympics and has a safety net for himself for when he gets old. Imagine if his parents got him S.S.I from birth? Imagine if all the people who truly qualified for S.S.I got it and used it as a safety net instead of the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t qualify and blow it! I hate seeing adults with special needs being yelled and left at libraries-that’s what they do in Santa Clarita!-maybe if those parents got them S.S.I from birth their kid as an adult could have a buddy or at least trained people who care to be around them.

It really sucks that the State of California is going to make someone get killed. If people would do their jobs things like this wouldn’t happen. I told myself a long time ago to stop being helpless and hopeless. It’s been working out for me, because I know everything will be okay. One day when you watch the evening news you’ll know what I mean!




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