Omeprazole 20mg

26 Apr

Hey guys!-in this day and age I feel like I should name you guys, Puter’s maybe?j/k-So here’s how it’s been going; still totally love being in civilization and Hollywood isn’t that bad! I had to switch my Dr’s because my last one was useless and I needed to still see one. I now have a “Dr” who I’ve never seen at this medical clinic which is fine enough because there are “Dr’s” there-I use”” because I don’t know if they’re Dr’s or in med school-.

I could bore you guys with how this place is exactly the same as all the Dr’s I’ve ever had in my life, useless, but I won’t. This lady Dr who I can’t care enough to remember her name gave me a prescription for these pills called Omeprazole after she felt my tummy and I told her all my problems. I had the prescription for about a week because a lot of the side effects deal with intestines and stomach issues with I didn’t want to mess around with. Ever since being near homeless and homeless my stomach was and still is killing me. I got to this point where my stomach was killing me so bad I would just lay down all day in pain ignoring life as it went by.

I went back to my”Dr’s” a week later to get my test results, everything was fine and I don’t have Celiac’s. I told her how stupid those test were because of everything I’ve dealt with in life and with my daughter; PLUS my 90 something year old grandmother who ALWAYS ate right is having massive weight loss and they thinks it’s due to Celiac’s. My Dr shot back with maybe you have IBS, I told her IBS that only affects me with gluten and not all the spicy food I eat?!?!-STUPID!-I told her that’s why I don’t want to take those pills you gave me it’s just a band aid and you don’t even know what’s wrong, I’d rather be in pain. She said how ridiculous that was and that she believed me so just take the pills, she said she has no patients that had side effects and it takes 5 days to work. I really thought this lady was going to help me. Sure she looked at me weird when I told her I have a period for 12 days-yes 12!-She couldn’t see the bumps in my eyes and still yet another weird look when I told her about the hemorrhoid.

For those of you who don’t know Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor and what that means is, it’s to stop my stomach from producing too much acid.  It’s used for acid reflux, GERDS and ulcers. I really hope I don’t have the latter but when the Dr pushed on my stomach and it hurt and made me nauseous, we both agreed that is definitely not a sign of acid reflux. Only in resent years have I had heart burn and I never get it with spicy foods only when I wake up in the morning or mid day nap, I’ve always had stomach and bellybutton pains.

So today is the 5th day and I can safely say F*K THESE PILLS!!! My stomach still hurts, but in a different way! Instead of being in horrible pain, I feel like something in my stomach is numbed but still hurts when I move and still makes me nauseous. The first days were worse but it’s not going away I’m still nauseous. Remember those side effects I was telling you about??? Not only do these effect my intestinal tract a couple of times a day but they are hurting like I’ve eaten gluten. I looked up ingredients and there’s corn in them but I don’t know for a fact there’s no gluten.

This lady was supposed to help me, she ordered up referrals for me to the, gynecologist, ophthalmologist and gastroenterologist I was so happy! Until I called to check and they haven’t been sent out-of the office!!-. I have to wait two weeks before I even know if I get to go because my helpful Dr ordered regular referrals instead of urgent referrals that get processed quicker.

If any of you Puter’s out there-j/k-take Omeprazole leave comments I want to know how these pills effect you or if they even work for you! I also want everyone to know if you ever need a referral to a specialist ALWAYS have your Dr order them as urgent even if it’s not! Things will get done a lot quicker! And thank you Dr Wag. for all the urgent referrals for my daughter, good looking out!




3 Responses to “Omeprazole 20mg”

  1. Lauren Kim (@el_kay) May 2, 2013 at 11:24 pm #

    I am not sure what type of pain you are experiencing, but I have had really bad heartburn that felt like cramps and like stabbing in my stomach in the morning, even without eating. I have found intermittent fasting has helped for me (reducing my calories every other day to about 25% of what I would normally need). No pills needed.

    • glutenputin May 3, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

      Thank you for that. My stomach constantly feels like its on fire, I constantly throw up and feel nauseous. When I wake up in the morning get a burning sensation in my esophagus and chest area that to me is heartburn. I’m still waiting on my Dr’s but I will totally give that a try!

  2. phentermine May 12, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

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