Well at Lease We Have a Car Now

25 Feb

So sorry you guys, life is still going horrible but at lease we have a car! We were staying at an Extended Stay hotel for 2 weeks plus 2 days that social services gives you. We are past that but at lease we have a car. My husband was able to get a free room for 1 night-by pulling that out of his butt but it worked!- at a Hyatt and that was cool now we are in a Hilton working our way down to a hotel in Commerce. We have been using to settlement money for the safest, cheapest, kid friendly hotels and we need to stop. We actually needed at apartment weeks ago but at lease we have a car to live in. Yes our car to live in or spending all the rest of the settlement money on a motor home.

You may be asking yourself  WHAT?!?! but yes. These past couple of weeks have make me HATE Southern California and I’m losing faith in government. Why you may ask? In a city of many illegal people from all over the world that can get housing make me upset. Having housing for conically homeless people-not mentally ill-that cannot get their shit together makes me angry.-5-8 YEARS is ALL THE WAITING LIST FOR ANY LOW INCOME HOUSING! 5-8 YEARS!!!!-

Did I also tell you guys about paying for credit checks for apartment that already had perspective tenets, $150 in non-refundable credit checks. It makes no sense that if we can pay 6 months up front and my husband who has his first gig today that we cannot find a place. HOW DO THEY RUN CREDIT CHECKS FOR PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY? HOW CAN APARTMENTS CHARGE $25-$35 ON CREDIT CHECKS WHEN IT COST THEM PRACTICALLY NOTHING!!! YOU THINK THE MAYOR WOULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Yes I am bitter, if you’d been reading this blog the whole time you’d know why. I have to get back to my life and I don’t know when I’ll be back-I really miss talking about gluten!- Oh yeah! Since living in hotels these past weeks my daughter and I have both eaten gluten in something. My daughter has dropped weight and were back to fowl smelling bloody poops, and my face has blown up in acne that I haven’t seen since high school-my heavy beer drinking days-

To all my people out there having great lives continue to do so-and if your one of those parents that do everything but you can’t do right for your kids you are a a-hole- To all my people in my situation or worst keep you head up because you have to start somehwere. This has been really fun you guys and I hope to be back soon.



2 Responses to “Well at Lease We Have a Car Now”

  1. donnareeves March 3, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Reblogged this on An Entreprenurial Study of Homeless Solutions and commented:
    Here is a real look at how it sounds when people hit the ground. This is a re blog from Glutin Putin.

  2. Anonymous March 7, 2013 at 1:30 am #

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