7 Feb

Hello everyone!!! Can you tell I am in a happy mood?! Happy mood you ask? Aren’t we living in a hotel? Yes Yes and yes to any question you asked that I didn’t. But yes I am happy and I think we’re catching that break! Sure we had to leave our apartment with whatever we could carry on our backs-by backs I mean one good stroller, a huge stroller with a bum wheel, a huge trekking backpack, two back packs a huge bag and a princess scooter-. To everyone on the bus that day sorry for taking up the whole back row on the bus, but hell it was moving day!

The insurance people are FINALLY getting their shit together and we are looking at having a car in 2 weeks! Our lovely neighbor A.M is selling us her old car. AND AND AND…….. MY HUSBAND IS RELEASED TO START TEACHING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over these past 2 years we have learned to live way under our means and way below the national poverty line, because of this experience it will help us save up for our house a lot quicker-5 people in a bachelor or studio apt whatever!-. So we’re catching that break and riding it onto the shore!!!!

So with all that news there’s more! Obviously the hotel has internet or I couldn’t write. A couple of weeks ago I tried making a new email so I could use google+ AND IT WORKED!!!! I introduce to you Ms. Coco Ladouche!-you all should know by now I’m a nasty one! And yes that is my drag name!-So go out there and find and add me!!!

AND…………… one more thing! I put up the video of that security guard! So go out there and google+ or don’t!

If you can’t google+ because yes they are still A*holes email me and to google, how the hell is Gluten Putin not an acceptable name but Coco LaDouche is?





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