Still Not Catching That Break

1 Feb

Hi everyone! How are you doing? We are still here waiting, another month of rent incurred. The insurance adjuster hasn’t called or emailed so we just wait day after day after day. The place I was trying to get us into had no rooms available so if nothing happens this month we are in the homeless shelter. It’s really irrigating that there is no housing for families-there is but you have to have a mental disorder or be a veteran or chronically homeless, which we are none-.

Last Sunday we were trying to have a yard sell to get rid baby clothes and new born items. The day before my husband and his son went and knocked on the doors of these condo’s which happen to have grass-ours is in the back hard to get to with no street parking-. A couple of people answered their doors and were fine with it, one person didn’t answer but my husband knew someone who knew the guy that lived there. Later that night my husband’s friend called and said the guy was cool with the yard sale.-Btw, these people do not own the grass it is part of the H.O.A we just did not want to be rude and set up on the side of someone’s house-

On Sunday morning we woke up at 6:30 to get things ready for the 9:00 am opening, I made a bunch of-ab crunching-trips back and forth. We had put up signs the day before and things were looking great when it was all set up. It was about 8:45 and everything was ready to go and this security patrol guy-you know the ones that drive in the fake cop cars-yelled as he was driving by,“Hey stop you can’t do this.” He flipped a bitch and parked, got out and continued to say,“You can’t be doing this you don’t live here.” He told my husband to show him his driver’s license and my husband said,“Absolutely not and you do not get to talk to me that way!” And then it was on, the security guy said people were complaining and we had to leave and we can’t just make a yard sale on people’s grass. My husband asked for the guard’s name which he didn’t give and accused my husband of being disrespectful for not showing his driver’s license-the guard NEVER gave his name!-. It was at that moment that  a sliding glass door opened and an old man was staring down at me, the kids and then my husband.

The guy told ME to get MY stuff and leave. I told him Jess said he talked to him and he told Jess it was okay. He told me he didn’t care what he told Jess and to get my stuff. My husband walked over and said,“Sir you did talk to Jess right?!” “I don’t care what Jess told you get your stuff and I’m calling 911!” He walked back in and closed the door and the guard called the police. The guard was telling my husband how he and THAT LADY he’s with cannot be selling things where we didn’t live and clearly we didn’t have permission! My husband told him he was a prejudice asshole like the man on the balcony and to shut his fat jowls

We started picking up our things-very slowly!-and as I and the kids were making the first trip back to the house a woman police officer followed slowly behind us, slowly passed by us and turned around. We dropped our load and went back to find my husband talking to the cop along with  two other people. It was Jess and his wife! They were explaining to the cop what had happen and he showed her his driver’s license. The cop said the security guard was in the wrong for talking to us like that and we were not in the wrong for the yard sale. Because the ass on the balcony said to leave we couldn’t continue with the yard sale. Jess apologized because he somehow felt it was his fault, I told him it was okay the guy was just an ass.

Jess’ wife told me that a couple of months before they were having a car wash fundraiser for a friend that died. They got other neighbors to open their  garages and help out. She said the security patrol came by and told them to all stop and waited there till they all packed up and left. It didn’t matter that it was to help raise money for a funeral, it was against some H.O.A rule., that’s the website had to find so we could call these people and let them know what had happened-after all the guard refused to give his name-. At first we had to explain the situation to this lady, who was not at all helpful. My husband explained to this lady over and over again that someone who represents their company should not act like that. This guard was on a power trip, and she couldn’t understand so we asked to be switched to a supervisor. The supervisor wasn’t any better! He was telling my husband that guard was in the right and did nothing wrong! My husband was trying not to flip out. This guard drove by told us we don’t live here, said I was just some lady with my husband and he was unbelievable rude! The icing on the cake was that this same guard was parked were the garages were on the side of the condo’s! My husband told the security supervisor and he said the guard is just checking to SEE IF YOU GUYS LIVE THERE! My husband explained the REAL police women who came and checked knows we live here-she saw both I.d’s and got validation from neighbors-. The supervisor said his guy was getting conformation. My husband told him that this was harassment because why would he be waiting on the side of our house and not at the street where you can clearly us. Let’s just say that the supervisor was not helpful, he was going to talk to the guard. That was over a week ago, no one has called us back. I don’t even know if they talked to the guard.

Anyone who lives in apartments with guard’s or an H.O.A knows what I’m talking about. The attitude that Security Specialists has is that if your place needs to have security then it is not a safe place to live and they treat people very disrespectfully. I didn’t matter that there were 3 kids and baby stuff on a lawn. It didn’t matter that the baby who looks like my husband and I didn’t matter, I was just some lady! With little under a week left in this hellhole and going to a homeless shelter really puts things in perspective.

And there’s video, of course I can’t upload it-Damn you google/youtube!-…..which my husband only started filming because the guard was film us and the kids which was not cool. After the police woman talked to the guard he drove away, never said sorry or it was a misunderstanding. Actually he drove around until he himself could verify that we live here. Yeah we really need people like this guard on patrol!

And also, Sir shut your fat jowls!




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