The 50th Post

31 Dec

Hello everyone happy and early new years! I can’t believe this is the 50th post! Since starting Gluten Putin in June my computer has broken twice-count in the fact that this lab top has no battery and the fan is busted so I can only use for 15mins at a time because it heats up quick!-, we’ve lost the car, had no money, had to go through the Double Up-Down and now have to move out. Through all this I managed in one way or another to do this blog when I’ve never been able to see anything through! Even awesomer is the fact that you guys read this and like it!

United States  196
United Kingdom  12
Netherlands  6
Canada  3
Germany  2
Ireland  1
Romania  1
Finland  1
Pakistan  1
Australia  1
France  1
Trinidad and Tobago      1
Japan  1
India  1
Bangladesh  1   

That’s all the views from around the world I’ve had since June, someone read my blog in Romania! Romania! I think that is the coolest thing in the universe! I know some sites get millions of hits a day, and I don’t care because someone is Bangladesh read mine! MINE! I want to tell all you guys thank you so much! I love all the feed back that you give and I will work more on commenting back! Thank you all once again I hope you guys keep coming back, and have a great New Year’s!




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