Corn Gluten, Not For Me

29 Dec

It’s been a couple of weeks that I haven’t really been eating anything with corn in it. It’s been a horrible past couple of days because all the good Christmas candy has corn in it and all the good anything has corn in it. I just wanted this to be an experiment to see what happens when I stop eating corn.

When I first started doing research on Celiac Disease I read that corn has gluten but it’s not exactly like wheat, rye, etc gluten.-then why call it gluten-When my daughter went to the Allergist and got tested for allergy’s corn came up more than wheat gluten and Lactose,-I joked with my husband if she can’t eat corn we’re screwed!-no body worried though because walnuts came up higher and peanuts came up just as high as corn and gluten and she has never reacted to peanuts.-are the peanuts okay to eat again?-

When I was throwing up and feeling nauseous all the time-I realized I’m on my own with this-I came up with the Ginger Ale Diet. The Ginger Ale Diet consist of drinking Ginger Ale every time you don’t feel well, cans are the best.-two a day because they’re loaded with sugar and possibly mercury!-Canada Dry is what we could afford, Schweppes Ginger Ale is absolutely disgusting and they both have corn in them.-Reed’s Ginger Brew is the shit, it also cost more-My husband said that the high fructose corn syrup was making the ginger ale pointless and I should make my own. I told him that was easier said then done and he said,“You can’t put ginger in club soda?” Well I don’t know if you can but, you can buy ginger and mince it up and put it in a cup of hot water! Good-bye crappy ginger ale, hello Ginger Tea and thank you baby!

I’ve been trying to quit smoking since my b-day and it hasn’t worked out so well.-I’ve been smoking since 13 so yeah it’s hard!-I totally kept blaming the stresses of life to justify my smoking because I truly don’t want to quit.-don’t start smoking young and if you have parent’s that okay it run for the hills!-When I stopped eating corn I threw in the ciggs because why not. After a couple of days of not smoking they begin-yes begin!-to taste nasty. After a couple of days of no corn I didn’t feel nauseous, I somewhat had energy.

Now it’s past Christmas and I know I feel better, how the hell could corn be making me nauseous? Was corn the cause of all my problems this whole time? What about my daughter? There is really no research on this corn gluten, some sites say it’s okay some say it’s the devil. I now know corn  gluten isn’t for me! Since I was a teen I’ve had acne-not totally horrible but bad, look up hyperpigmentation-and going gluten free really cleared it up and now with no corn, it’s not coming back! I swear if my ovarian cyst go away there will be hell to pay!-I’ll also be very happy!-

As of the 1st we will no longer buy anything with corn in it.-I was just getting the hang of this gluten free stuff too-Why is there so much corn in gluten free stuff? I also wonder if all the people who go gluten free and don’t feel better could they be reacting to the corn gluten? There needs to be definite studies and results so all of us Celiac’s can know! I will also stay on this subject so you guys can know.



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