Shut The Hell Up Kennedy!

28 Dec

That is what I would always say to my radio, well more like shut the f* up Kennedy but still. Kennedy is a radio host here in L.A and she has Celiac’s disease. Many a time I had to hear this woman talk about how great it is to be off of gluten and how everyone should be gluten free. Being dirt poor I kinda always thought, when we get money maybe this food will be different. Many a time I would yell,”Shut the f*k up Kennedy you have money! This shit is not fun or cool, it’s horrible!” Many a time fellow KFI radio personalizes you make fun of Kennedy for her passion about Celiac’s disease.-to hell with them!-It’s really hard to relate to someone when they seem so different from you.

Yesterday she was talking about some pizza she ordered and how gluten free pizza sucks. The news lady tried to call her out about her love for the gluten free. Kennedy said I do it because I have to, I went there you go! This shit is not fun no matter how much money you have, you do it because you have to! Gluten free pizza is shit and there is nothing you can do to fix it! I may have grown up poor but I know what pizza crust is supposed to be like!

I always wanted to go to other countries and try all the food, now that seems like the biggest hassle. The only reason why I put a smile on my face and eat this crappy food is because my daughter has to. I know what real American pizza taste like,  my daughter will not. I do it because I have to is now my new motto. I  think as Celiac sufferers we need to find a whole new way of eating and not just bastardizing the foods we used to love. Do it because you have to and let it go! Kennedy you no longer have to shut the f* up, not like you ever did but still.




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