My Woes……..

18 Dec

I hope after I tell you guys this we will become bonded together forever, like a family! A family that knows everyone’s secrets! A secret family bonded together over the internet!!!!! Okay I’ll stop, I know that won’t happen you’ll just laugh at me! But from you mocking me I know there’s some of you IN THE EXACT SAME BOAT AS ME!! Here we go:

1: I constantly get bumps on the ridges of my eyes, I’ve had this since Jr. High. I’ve done the warm wash clothes and tear free baby soap and it doesn’t help. I am losing my eye sight and sometimes the bumps are so bad I can’t blink, if I do it hurts the hell out of my eyes. My eyelids will get itchy swollen and eyelashes will come out! I used to have gorgeous thick curly eyelashes! I stopped wearing eye make-up long ago and nothing is helping.~*~Dr. did nothing~*~

2: My tonsils are huge and I have tonsilloliths. My right tonsil is so big is hangs down and I can feel it pulling. This one really bugs me because you don’t need tonsils and every since I was a kid I’ve had sore throats, you need 5 in one year to get them out. EVERY DR SINCE MY CHILDHOOD I HAVE TOLD THEM AND SHOWED THEM! They always say it’s not bad enough!~*~So did she~*~

3: Need to take a heart stress test A.S.A.P because I have ALWAYS had weird heart pressure when it beats fast. I’ve always had ignore it-esp because my mom the Dr’s did nothing-. My daughter’s pediatrician said I needed to get my heart checked out because being so tall and having Celiac’s and Anemia it can mess with your heart. She said many people around my age just drop dead and they never knew any thing was wrong-every year high school kids are dropping like flies!-. I told her and my Dr. that I have always mention this and done E.K.G’s! When I played sports in Jr. High I had a difficult time keeping up because as soon as I start running I feel the pressure in my chest and it got hard to breathe and I got nauseous. Every time I wake up now I have heart burn-I never had heart burn before I had to ask my husband what that feeling is!-without eating any spicy food or any food.~*~Dr. said she would order the stress test, no word yet!~*~

4: My daughter’s pediatrician said get tested for Celiac’s because usually the mother passes it down.~*~She ordered the blood work, it came up~*~

5: I do not eat gluten but I still get HORRIBLE intestinal pain that last for two days-literally feeling my shit move through my intestinal tract-My husband said I get that way when I ate popcorn. I stopped eating it and it has lessened, I still eat corn and I notice that I get nauseous and crampy. Could I not be tolerating corn?~*~Dr did nothing~*~

6: Nausea! My whole life I randomly get nauseous and queasy. It’s getting worse, I wake up nauseous and go to bed that way. When I stand still or walk I become nauseous.~*~Did nothing~*~

7: My stomach hurts and burns like it’s on fire! I will throw up greenish yellow bile or foam, without drinking alcohol or eating weird food. Many times I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and have to go through up foam!~*~Dr ordered some stomach pills that I can’t get because I don’t have my insurance card!~*~

8: When I do drink alcohol, for the next couple of days it messes with my stommy-stomach and tummy mushed-. Red Wine kills my stomach, Vodka from wheat and corn also, but not from potatoes. Why does White Wine only give me a headache?~*~Answered nothing~*~

9: Ovarian cyst that hurts like hell, also makes sex no fun. My C-section scar tissue and having my tubes tied plus the cyst all mess with the fun of having sex with my husband, cause it’s getting poked~*~Ordered ultrasound the 1st time, nothing has happened. ~*~

10: I’ve had a hemorrhoid in my ass since before my daughter was born, 3 years ago!~*~She gave me a weird look and didn’t even acknowledge what I had said~*~

Now if you were a Dr. and someone came in with a list TWICE and dropped those bombshells on you what would you do? I know I’d get that person help in many ways! I am very blunt in the way I told the Dr. because I thought you’re a Dr. you’ve heard worst. So here I am all these thing wrong and nothing being done except what I do. Without being too dramatic, I totally think I’m going to die.-I really hope not!- But I know the things my body is doing is not normal. I strongly urge you guys that have any of these things to run to you Dr tell them AND DON’T GIVE UP! ESPECIALLY THE HEART THING!-and I guess the ass thing too-Also what kind of Dr just gives pills and not do anything else or talk to you?!?! All the Dr’s Ive always had!




3 Responses to “My Woes……..”

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  2. December 23, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

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