I Finally Got Health Insurance

18 Dec

Technically I got health insurance back in October I couldn’t do anything with it until my daughter was taken care of-the double up-down and all-. I’ve already told you guys that it is a Dr.’s office, dental office and spa-umm hmm-I was really excited to be going to the Dr.’s because the last time I went they were taking the staples out from my C-section. I had to write down a whole list because I need shit taking care of and fast especially because we’re out of here on the 31st.

My first time at the Dr’s office I got there hella early, and hour and a half early. The door was open and all the office people were in a meeting, I signed sat and waited. They were having some big meeting and an office assistant wasn’t there. I waited for about two hours to see the Dr, that didn’t bug me though. The fact that I had a list of items to talk to her about and she didn’t listen did, she ordered some blood test and an ultrasound-for my lady bits-so I was like okay. I went and did the blood work and rescheduled.-I also left my insurance card at the lab miles away, still don’t have it!-

The second time I went it was pretty much the same, except I found out my husband’s ex-wife’s secret-I must admit it was entertaining-I still had my list. When I saw the Dr. I told her it was okay last time because they were busy but now she needed to listen. Dr. Gold is a horrible listener! I had to fly through my list once again!-at least this time I got to say EVERYTHING!-She gave me a strange look at the end of my list and said the ultrasound was not ready and my insurance was going to have to approve it. But she was going to order another one, this time for my stomach. I f*n hate Dr’s. This goes all the way back to high school and having Kaiser and they never did anything. What can I do? I try to take care of myself the best I can but I know I need medical attention. Fuck it! I’ll share my woes with you!





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