Wolff’s Kasha

17 Dec

wolff's kasha

My husband bought this for me and our daughter, this stayed in the cabinet for a month because every time I’d bring up making it my husband would say,”No thank you I’m Jew”-right!?!-. I didn’t get how that would matter, I’ve never had Kasha before but I’ve had cold buckwheat noddles at a Japanese restaurant. One day when my husband wasn’t around I made it for me and our daughter. When it was time to put in the hot water I noticed a distinctive smell, kinda like dirt. When I ate it it tasted like dirt, I ate my serving and practically had to force my daughter to eat her’s-hey, it was lunch-. When my husband came home I told him that Kasha taste like dirt! He said that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! “I’m a Jew, Jewish people eat that, I hate Kasha!”-now I know why he only got it for me and our daughter-I told him next time to explain himself better!

Now cold buckwheat noddles have a distinctive taste, but not like dirt. I think Kasha just taste like that. This brand is good, the directions easy to follow and it turned out right, I just don’t like Kasha’s taste. I would make noddles from these but you need gluten to make the Japanese kind. If any of you out there can give me some advice on fixing the taste or recipes that would be greatly appreciated.

I give Woff’s brand Kasha a 3 out of 10




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