15 Dec

More and more info is coming out about the shooting in Connecticut and already people are starting to blame the usual suspects, guns and video games. Now we don’t know everything yet, and I understand people want answer’s-esp those parent’s my heart goes out to you!-but don’t get crazy.

My first venture with video games came at the age of 3 when my dad bought me a Nintendo. I was 3 and couldn’t play but I have vivid memories of my mom, my dad and all my cousins playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. When I was finally able to grab a turn I fell in love. When I was younger it wasn’t the coolest thing to be a girl-and black-and love video games and I’m glad to see that that is fading.

Many times in my life I had to hear about my violent video games and how that was white people stuff. That made no since to me because my other black friend’s played video games-how the hell is Super Mario 64 violent?-. My mother’s boyfriend’s sister’s son-yah I know-had a love of video games just like I did! And all the adults would talk about him being so “white”, I thought he was a big wiener but that was because he collected Beanie Babies and loved Pokemon!-he is now in prison on a life sentence for attempted murder and child indangerment, is he still white?-

Around high school when I moved to Orange County I understood what all those black adults were talking about, but they still had no idea what they were talking about. I had a friend Ryan who played the hell outta Counter Strike, he was a thin tiny boy of Middle Eastern dissent. He would play Counter Strike for hours, after school we would go to Anaheim to the internet cafe and he would already be there. One day in math class he was talking about how he played Counter Strike 48 hrs straight only taking bath room and food breaks, of course other kids laughed at him but I understood. Most people that play video games have done that, I admit I’ve played video games all weekend with little breaks-that’s how I got that crappy game God of War Done-.

The one thing that always bugged me about the 1st person shooters-esp because I’m a platformer!-were they were always so intense. Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D-HUGE FAN OF THE 1ST COUPLE OF DUKE NUKEM’S PLATFORMER FOREVER!-And I guess it’s not that the games are intense but the boys became intense. I wonder why gamer girls don’t become so agro? By intense and agro I’m talking about in the days of Counter Strike and Battlefield 1942 people would be like,“Let’s kill these niggers!” “I killed that Jew bastard!” Kids would purposely choose to be the Nazi’s to reenact their love for them. Even today on a lot of these internet games these people are still like that.

As a mom I now play video games rarely, because I am a mom and have a child to raise. I know many father’s that spend tons of money on these games and do not let there kids play! I know many of those boys I descried up above are now becoming father’s. A huge reason I stepped away from playing a lot of video games where those people-described up above-. I have been and seen too many things in my life to be so agro about video games, no matter how much I love them.

A lot of times when people talk about video gamers in the negitive light they are talking about those kids that play non-stop. Do you know how much money it cost to get the newest video game every time it comes out? All those connections and Xbox live add up. Ryan, my mom’s boyfriend’s sister’s son had money or at least their parents did. I got 2 video games a year Christmas and my birthday and any other video games came from the arcade-Nickle Nickle for life!!!-I had a friend Adam who almost always got the newest video games because his best friend’s parents were divorced. Adam would joke about his friend becoming an ass because he would go,“Here’s this video game if you want it I’m done with it.” and toss it to Adam. Adam would go,“This dude is crazy he keeps giving me these games! These are 60 bucks! I always shrug my shoulder’s and go okay. Then the second I’m done I pass it on to someone else.” I’m sure that kids divorced parents didn’t know about the money they were blowing to have many kids in the O.C play video games.-Thank you Adam!-

The point I’m trying to make here it’s the parents fault! Many times my mom-even being on drugs-and other parents would tell us kids to TURN OFF THE VIDEO GAMES AND GO OUT AND PLAY! My friend Melody’s dad on many occasion’s would physically-to much anger!-turn off the Final FantasyXIV and tell us to go outside. When we as a group started losing our friend Chris to video games-by losing I mean that’s all he did and stopped taking shower’s-we would go over there as a group to get him. We would try to go to the mall-his mom would even give us money!-, we would try to go swimming and nothing worked. Now he is better but for 2 years is was on that slide going down and down.

That’s what I mean by parents fault. It’s is your job to stop your kid from getting intense! It is you job as a parent to play that game with your kid-even if you hate video games-, before you judge. In fact do your research before you buy that game. This is also not a racial thing and people need to stop that, I’m pretty sure you go to Japan and you can find as many agro Japanese and young white men.

All these parent’s that drown their kids in video games do it because it’s easier. It’s easier than getting up for Little League or Pee Wee Football and all the many sports and activities they offer kids. It’s easier than practicing or talking to your kid. As a parent you get out what you put in, and that’s it. Also loving video games is totally different than being downed in them. I wonder if the parent’s that buy or let their kid buy video games all the time even know if they finished them? I hear news stories where parent’s turned off the X box or Playstation 3 and their kid flew into a mad rage! I can’t even imagine doing that to my mom or a friend’s parent! I didn’t have friend’s that would do that to their parent!

Before you go and blame video games think do you even know what your talking about? When the girl in high school has the credit card and shops all weekend long, that’s the same as getting every new video game. It’s pretty hard to go up to those people and say you’re parents don’t care enough to stop you, because the truth is they already know!

Stop blaming video games and get all the facts, then ask people of different ages, races and economic backgrounds. When you have a huge hodgepodge of data and research then you go and blame. From my life and experiences it was always the upper middle class kids-of any race-that get so away from life and into the video games, they can afford to-and I’m not saying all-. At the same time these were always the kids who had parents that didn’t care. I love video games and always will, I hope my daughter grows up to like them too. I know what to look out for and the boys-sorry but true-she should be aware of. Again why are gamer girls less agro then the boys? 







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