Glutino Parmesan & Garlic Bagel Chips

15 Dec

Glutino_bagel chips

These bad boys taste like throw up, sad but true. The bagel chip itself was great, the flavor was god awful. My husband got these at Walmart for a whole $4.02 waste of money. If these came in a different flavor I would be willing to try them. Glutino is a good brand-up there in price-I don’t know where they went wrong with these. I tasted neither Parmesan or garlic in these, garlic and Parm seem like an easy combo to get right.

I give Glutino Parmesan and Garlic Bagel Chips a 2 out of 10-being crunchy like real bagel chips saved them-

~*~ UPDATE 12/16/12~*~ Apparently it’s just me not liking these! My daughter, my husband and his two kids like these. I still give them a 2, but try them. I think this one might be up to you guys to decide, leave comments and we’ll get an answer! ~*~




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