Cyst Sisters

11 Dec

This post goes out to all my actual cyst sister’s! I want to shove into the light a woman that needs to be lit up. A couple of weeks ago my husband’s ex-wife called about a fight she was having with their daughter. My husband’s daughter was taking papers back to a class but her mom needed to leave, she was having surgery and now she was going to be late for the prep. She was yelling at her daughter and took her phone away. My husband and I were kind of concerned by the fact that she was having surgery and had the kids that day. My husband offered to keep the kids and his ex said no it will be fine the surgery was out patient and only 45mins. Later that night she was back at home and the fight was over, my husband’s daughter lost her cell for a whole week.

That night my husband and I made jokes that his ex was getting work done because she has just turned 40-that week-. A couple of days later when my husband saw his ex I said,”Did you see any scars?” He said yes on her neck, she had gotten a cyst removed on her collar bone, I felt bad for the jokes we had been making. I don’t know if a collar bone cyst is like an ovarian cyst but I just felt for her because mine are horribly painful. It did seem really fishy that getting a collar bone cyst removed would only take 45mins and the prep being the same day, what the hell do I know, just cause I’ve had cyst since 15.

The next week or so I went to my Dr’s-YES I FINALLY GOT HEALTH INSURANCE!!!-, the thing about my Dr’s office is that it is a Dr’s office, dental office and spa. YES A SPA!!!-and with all my choices, this was the only girl Dr.-As I was waiting in the main room I noticed all the flyers and posters of different things they offer. The one that caught my eye was something like the Lifestyle Lift, I don’t know exactly what it was called, but from the poster they tighten your neck in 45mins! It’s also an outpatient procedure! I was screaming in my head THIS BITCH GOT CAUGHT!

As soon as I got home I told my husband. He said I was right because she told him the cyst was on the left but her scar was on the right and her neck did look tight!!! We laughed our asses off!! What kind of loser would lie about getting plastic surgery! Let alone say it was something serious like a collar bone cyst. I’ve already told you guys how I hate Naomi Campbell and my husband’s sister because they got their ovarian cysts’ removed no problem!-SNAP OF A FINGER!-I was really hating on my husband’s ex, I shouldn’t have to be the only one living with this pain!

My husband asked his ex if her Dr.’s office by her parent’s house and she said yes. That’s where my Dr’s office is! Why do you women do this??? I could go into how I don’t wear make-up or high heels but that doesn’t matter-wear freshly cut foreskins on your face and throw out your backs I don’t care it’s your choice-True we made fun of my husband’s ex, we would have made less fun of her if she told the truth.

My husband’s ex is a Jr. High teacher, for her 40th birthday she told the kids to wear black for the funeral of her 30’s!!-she couldn’t just cry like most women?-I told my husband’s daughter how lame that was and  horrible for putting that idea in young girls heads. My husband’s daughter didn’t wear black for the funeral, only one girl in the whole school did-I bet that was fun for her-.

I guess I’m really bugged because I have cyst and I really did feel bad for my husband’s ex. I’m also bugged because so many people lie about plastic surgery. We’ve all had thoughts about getting something done; when I was younger I wanted my nose done, I wanted to have my feet broken and reset to a size 9, I wanted my legs broken and reset so I could be 5’8-sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?-I believe that there are people with serious things that need to be fixed so I’m not totally against it. In fact I’m not even against plastic surgery-it’s not for me-,I just hate that people lie and fake for silliness. You wanted it done! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? People become vegans just to get skinnier, the same this is starting to happen with gluten-free diets. People fake having cancer to get work done! There is seriously something wrong with that! Botox is the same as plastic surgery and a quick produce is just the same.

I’ve always been tall and skinny, and around 18 I tried modeling, I learned so many things! I learned to apply make-up right-I can now couture my nose to look smaller, no nose job needed-I learned that the make-up they use for photo shoots is TOTALLY different from the make-up at the mall and drug store; and a make-up artist is literally an artist because when they paint your face, they use a spade like tool and mix different colors to make your skin color and spackle it on. I had a brief period of wearing make-up in high school-I had dark blue eye brows!- I could never really get into it because it takes so much to do. Imagine doing hair and make-up for 3 hours!?!? To me that’s not fun, it’s torture. The most important things I learned about modeling is that all my friends who had always said I should try modeling got weirded out and it makes young women feel old. It made me feel like damn, I should have been doing this at 14 because all the girls that work at 18+ having been doing it that long-damn my crack head mom for wanting to give me a normal childhood!-. I worked at a job where my co-worker used to be a high fashion run-way model. She was so beautiful with long hair and stunning eyes, one day she showed me her pictures and told me a stories. I’ll always remember that she said she wished she wouldn’t have done it so long because now she feels old. SHE WAS 32!!!! She said one day she she was 23 she found a wrinkle on her foot and freaked out. One foot wrinkle! She had Cervical Cancer, but that didn’t bug her as much as getting older and what she once used to do! I decided to stop modeling and just be me. When I want to on special occasions I’ll wear make-up, bright colors and all! It’s what I like!-no foundation-

Lots of women paint their nails, dye their hair, tan and do all the other things we as women-and some men-can do. I’m on the side of knowing what’s in products and going for it. Plastic surgery, Botox and all those procedures fit in the same category.-Are you altering yourself?-What works for one person will not work for another. We as women need to realize that and pass on useful advice to girls, my husband’s daughter wears nail polish and she wears Wet n’ Wild. That cheap make-up that’s some how is free of those bad chemicals!-do your research!-What’s so bad about wearing a good sun screen and tanning by the sun? What’s so bad with getting older and wearing it with pride? What’s so bad in saying,”Hey I got my neck done?” I’d tell my husband’s ex-wife,”You look great!”




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