Bonomo Turkish Taffy

7 Dec

turkish taffy

My husband picked this one up for me, I happen to love all and every candy that taste like banana. At first I didn’t get the Smack it! Crack it! thing, but it comes in handy if you want to share it. The banana flavor was awesome but the taffy was kinda hard; not in the stale kind of way more like this is probably why it’s called Turkish taffy way.-salt water is ALWAYS #1-The taffy itself was pretty good, but gets pretty sticky on your teeth. If you do the Smack it! Crack it! thing put it in the freezer for a min. and Smack away!-wait for it to warm up because the sticky teeth thing-My husband also got me a Vanilla flavored one but it wasn’t as good-flavor wise-.On the all in all it was good taffy with great banana taste.

I give Bonomo Banana Turkish Taffy 5 out 10



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