Eggs, Cheese, Dried Beans, Peas, Lentils or Peanut Butter

7 Dec

Once again if your family can’t polish off the extra W.I.C milk think of extra things to do with it.-Hell pour it in the bath tub Cleopatra did!-I can’t be serious enough, cows really do go through a lot to get us that milk.-like get pregnant!-

When it comes to the eggs W.I.C only let’s you get the crappy store brands. I personally can’t eat just an egg it will make me throw up so i don’t care about the eggs, everyone else in my family does. So this is what you do, ever here of EggLands Best? How about Land-O-Lakes Organic or Cage-free eggs?-I’m glad a couple of you out there already know where I’m going with this. I’m teaching you well!-For those of you who don’t know where I’m going with this, I’m telling you to switch out the eggs! Of course you don’t have do or how much you decide to switch out is up to you. And for those of you who think  it’s horrible advice to switch out crappy Salmonella eggs for better less potentially deadly ones, CHECK YOUR EGGS! YOU COULD BE BUYING CRAPPY EGGS SOMEONE SWITCHED ON YOU! For the people I’m trying to help make sure you hide the Eggland’s pink stamp, it’s a dead give away.

~These are the brands of eggs W.I.C will let you get: Fresh Dairy – Raley’s – Bel Air, Kroger, Lucerne, Market Pantry, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Rosemary Farms, Stater Bros.~

Cheese is real easy, get Tillamook cheese. It doesn’t show up on the W.I.C list of cheeses’ but it qualifies, they don’t use growth hormones so that might be why.-as you do your W.I.C shopping you’ll notice healthier items that qualify but are not listed-When there is no Tillamook available I’ll get Kraft because I know it’s gluten free, and I hate store brands when it comes to dairy,eggs and meat.

~These are the brand of cheeses’ you can get: Albertsons,Essential Everyday, Flavorite, Great Value, Hytop, Kraft, Kroger, Lucerne, Market Pantry, Raley’s  Fresh Dairy, Ralph’s, Stater Bros., Western Family~


Dried beans, Peas, Lentils Or Peanut Butter where to begin, this is all a matter of personal taste and what your willing to try. Back when peanut butter wasn’t killing people as much we would usually get that. Laura Scudder’s is the best with the least ingredients-most of the time it’s not listed!-, make sure you stir it the first time you use it and mix the oil all the way through it!! Peter Pan peanut butter always reminds me of being really poor. Back in the day that was the W.I.C brand you could get and many of my childhood lunches were of Peter Pan and grape jelly, I refuse to do that to my kid.-that’s just me-

~These are the brands of peanut butter you can get: Adams, Albertsons, Best Yet, Early On, Food Club, Great Value, Hy-Top, IGA, Jif, Krema, Kroger, Laura Scudder’s, Market Pantry, Panner, Peter Pan, Planters, Raley’s Fine Foods, Ralphs, Red & White, Safeway, Shur Savings, Skippy, Smucker’s, Special Value, Springfield, Stater Bros, Sunny Select, ValuTime, Western Family~


Dried beans, peas and lentils vary from what we have to what we’ll make. Lately the stores have sales on the huge bone-in pork butts-hehe-and we’ll save the bone for split-pea soup. We’ll get kidney beans and make a huge pot of Red Beans and Rice, it really depends on what you eat in your family. I’ve gotten garbanzo beans and made hummus, but my falafels NEVER come out right. I stopped getting the lentils because no one else liked them but me, they do cook up pretty quickly so give them a try. We never use W.I.C for canned beans because there’s always a brand on sale and the dried beans taste better for certain things.

~These are the brands of  dried beans, peas and lentils you can get: Albertsons, Best Yet, Eden Organic, El Mexicano, Essential Everyday, Great Value, Hy-Top, Kroger, La Nuestra, Natural Directions, Parade, Ralphs, Safeway, Springfield, Stater Bros., Western Family, Wild Harvest~

dried beans, peas,lentils






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