The Double Up-Down Part II

6 Dec

Hello everyone!!!-where has all the time gone?-I can finally say that I am happy and we figured out what was wrong with my daughter-somewhat-. On the day on the operation we were totally able to rent a car!-well not us, a friend of a friend’s wife paid for it and she doesn’t know. Which I think is sad because she totally saved the day!-As you know the Dr. who originally said she would be performing the procedure told me last minute that she would not be there.

I have to say my experience with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is very mixed. I know that a lot of people do wonderful things there and others just do a job. All the pre-op and post-op people were phenomenal; they were cool enough to let my husband go with them as they put our daughter to sleep. To the nurses that dealt with my husband, to the lady that showed my daughter what they were going to be doing to her on a doll, I thank you. To all the anesthesiologist’s and the women in post-op you are AWESOME! Even the Dr. who filled in for the other you rock! I know what you do is hard and many of the people in our situation treat you guys like shit-I heard horrible stories of kids waking up and cussing at these people-. At the same time you did for to school for your jobs to make money you do and even with that you do not judge.

Now with all that lovey dovey stuff out of the way, WE WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!-EVER!!!-

After the procedure the male Dr.-whose name I can’t spell and can’t understand worth a crap-said he couldn’t see anything wrong and everything was fine when they were looking. I told him that we gave her gluten and I noticed a weight change to which he said we may have not given her enough gluten and it may have not been enough time.-?!?!?!?!?!?!?!-

So now we fast forward to the day we were supposed to get the results and it was raining. My husband didn’t want to take our daughter because we’re back to busing it and didn’t want her around everyone and in the rain. I called the hospital and they said that she didn’t have to be there and the results were in-double checking!-. My husband goes all the way down there and the Dr. wasn’t in. No Dr’s that we had seen were in to see him.-Let my make this clear…My 3 yr old daughter had a biopsy and colonoscopy in which they took tissue samples from the Duodenum to the Rectum 11 to be exact and there was no Dr. to tell us the results. NO MOTHER F*N DR WAS IN TO TELL US THE RESULTS!!!! THE MALE DR. COCK FACE TOLD ME TO CALL AND MAKE SURE THE RESULTS WERE IN BEFORE GOING DOWN! THEY WERE IN I DID MY PART!! I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE!!!!-  Some guy handed my husband the final report, he gave it to me, I looked at it for days, I was so lost.

It wasn’t until my daughter was having those horrible huge kielbasa sausage bloody poops that I FLIPPED OUT! -One time when my husband was cleaning one and saying that this wasn’t normal for a kid, I flipped. I told him and my daughter that this was what I was saying the whole time and everyone thought I was over exaggerating! Yes even my husband! I told my 3 yr old daughter only mommy has your back!–okay yes I know it was a little much! CAN YOU BLAME ME!!!– My husband check out of cleaning poops back when I had to go in and get them!!-

Anyways….. I called her primary physician to make and appt and the-grumpy no soul-lady said I couldn’t set one because she has already seen the Dr. for that year. I told her she just had her operation and needs to see the Dr. about the results and the results from the allergist. She informed me that the Dr. had those results and there was no need, I went and bitched to my husband and I’m glad I did!  He told me that because we’re dirt poor that’s how it goes. Some people see the Dr. for anything anytime and some get to once a year unless there is a reason.-and then I thought back to the Dr. at the children’s hospital, the first visit she was so nice then she disappears. Even the male Dr was rude to my husband, I guess it’s funny how people could be that way especially being Dr’s and all- So I called my daughter’s Dr. again and told the same lady that she is going to see her Dr. because no one at the hospital explained the results and, she was going to have to because only she knew everything! So she made the appt!-Hell Yeah!-

I felt so empowered, I went and looked at the final report again and got to googling. Eosinophilic Esophagitis is and allergic inflammatory condition on the esophagus-also called Active Esophagitis-. Esosinophilic Enteritis always brought up Esosinophilic Gastroenteritis.-RIGHT?!?! Stay with me!-I know all of that seems confusing but it’s a lot better than-from the final report-:The finding of increased eosinophils with degranulated forms in the esophagus, small and large intestines is consistent with an allergic etiology(eosinophilic esophagitis and enteritis) in the appropriate clinical setting. Clinical correlation is recommended. Or Esophagus, distal portion, Biopsy:-esophageal mucosa with mild basal cell hyperplasia and increased intraepithelial eosinophils (>40/hpf), consistent with active esophagitis-no evidence of granuloma, dysplasia or malignancy  WTF RIGHT?! CAN YOU SEE WHY SOMEONE SHOULD EXPLAIN THINGS LIKE THIS???I’m not the smartest person by any means, I know my punctuation, sentence structure and all around general use of the English language is shit! That doesn’t mean I can write down what I don’t know even if it’s spelled wrong! This whole ordeal I’d write down my questions and write down what the Dr’s said, then double check it!-

So after finding out that I wasn’t exactly crazy I was able to be somewhat at peace but not really because I am not a medical professional. Luckly when my husband took our daughter to her Dr’s she explained it.-I should have been there with my billion questions but once again it was raining- The Dr. said indeed the final report showed that her body was having allergic reactions and the poops went along with it. BUT……… she thinks it comes from milk. MILK! Not positive, because gluten also reacted in other test but milk has now moved to the foreground. The side of my daughter’s lip started cracking and we caught it before it became a full blown rash, this happened before with the gluten fiasco.

And there you have it! Milk and gluten those silly bastards. So much pain so much woe over food, food that can kill us. Before my daughter I never really cared about allergy’s because they didn’t affect me. But when you stop and think about it food can kill you? People are allergic to plant sperm and eggs?-that’s what your sneezing up btw!- It’s absolutely fascinating, I don’t want to become an allergist though. I want to be some one who can actually help people and listen. Someone who has a wealth of medical knowledge  isnot a jaded Dr. Someone who knows what food, plant, drink and/or pill-if need be-that can solve your problem. I notice in life there are Dr’s,lawyers and teacher’s that specialize in a specific area, is the a Dr who specializes in the whole functioning human body? Is that too much work or schooling? I don’t think so I’m fact I know so! It’ll take me a million years-I gotta get a better grasp of the English language-but slowly I’ll get there. And it all starts with telling you guys it’s all my fault.



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  1. wifi hack password December 20, 2012 at 4:55 am #

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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