The Double Up-Down

4 Nov

The time is almost upon us for The Double Up-Down. After a year of total misery and bloody poop after bloody poop we will FINALLY find out what is wrong with my daughter’s intestines! To say that the C.H.L.A is a completely incompetent  organization would be an understatement. The only reason why we are going here is to get this shit done and we cannot afford to go anywhere else.

After the 1st go around my daughter got sick and we had to reschedule. The other day I wanted to make sure we started the prep on the right day-the hospital never resent a prep paper-so I emailed the Dr. She informed me with just under a week before the procedure that she would be in a meeting and unable to do it. I WAS FREAKING OUT!! Another F*n reason to absolutely hate this place! I emailed her back and told her that I was extremely worried that she was not going to be there-let alone not even call or shoot me an email-. The next day I actually lost the prep paper!

I email the Dr. once again at 7:00am and told her my problem. At 7:30 she called me! She told me how her colleague-a woman-would be doing it along with the Dr. I didn’t really like. She also said that she would tell them to be extra careful with my daughter and they always are with the little ones with rectal-yumminess-bleeding. She told me exactly what to do with the prep and it totally eased my worries.

So back to the Double Up-Down; I deemed it so because they will be putting a camera down her throat to her tummy and take samples of stomach tissue.-and by sample I mean they will cut some of the stomach tissue off-At the same time they will be putting a camera up her tushie hole-now you know why a woman had to be there!-to see where the rectal bleeding is coming from. I give you The Double-Up Down, as the medical professionals would say a Biopsy and Colonoscopy at the same time.

As of today we aren’t exactly sure how were getting there-did I ever tell you guys how the police took our car?! I have it on VIDEO!! You’ll love it  just give me a while because I have to censor our faces!- My husband is working on renting a car so we don’t have to take the bus, it would be nice but I won’t get my hopes up. After everything that has happened these last couple of months I just want to know what’s wrong with my baby so she can go out in the world and be a normal kid.-CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING A TODDLER WHO HAS NOT BEEN TO A PLAYGROUND/PARK IN TWO YEARS!!! THAT’S WHERE THEY BURN OFF ALL THAT TODDLER ENERGY!- –CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING A 3 YEAR OLD WHO CAN NEVER TOUCH OR PLAY WITH ANY OF THE OTHER KIDS IN STORY TIME CAUSE THEIR ALL FULL OF GLUTEN!?!?!?!? IT SUCKS AND IF YOU HAD/HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT DON’T EVER LET ANYONE SAY IT DOESN’T SUCK BECAUSE IT DOES.–

On the first go around we had to give my daughter food with gluten to see how body reacts for the procedure. Of course when she got sick she had already eaten gluten so, she’s lost a lot of weight and we had to give her more gluten for this go around.

Today she has stopped eating and at noon I’ll be giving her magnesium citrate to get all the poops out. Did I ever tell you guys how poop is just poop and will always just be poop. Your kid does not have cute poops you just deal because they are your kid!!! I went from actually cute sweet smelling poops-BREAST FEED YOUR BABY!-to sticking my finger up her tush to pull poop out!!!-OH GOD I KNOW! MY HUSBAND PULLED SOME SHIT ABOUT HAVING MAN HANDS AND I HAVE SPIDER FINGERS SO I WAS MORE EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB!-Then we went for over a year dealing with constipation and squishy poops that bleed.-YES I AM TRYING TO GROSS YOU OUT WITH TRUTH!-

Have any of you guys out there had to do The Double Up-Down? If you have I would love to hear your story, I’m not squeamish as most! The Double Up-Down is just days away! Wish us luck!



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