I’m Back!…Kinda

26 Oct

-I can type again everyone! I don’t know what happened but let’s roll with it!-

The last couple of weeks have been insane, my husband finally got a hold of his lawyer and talked to her.-now once again she can’t call us back!-My husband hasn’t heard back from disability-who has-and unemployment was going to be $50 a week.-A WEEK! My husband was/is a teacher more than 10 years and did a one day t.v shoot–nothing major– and we’re fucked-. I started studying  for school,-esp sentence structure-but now I don’t know if I can go because we might not be living here-or anywhere-. Our landlord has been very cooperative over these last couple of years; the lady who owns are place is going bankrupt and we’ve haven’t been able to pay rent in full since June.-I kinda think the owner wants to move into our place to save money esp because we now magically get her mail. Still can’t blame her, just wish if that was true she’d just tell the truth.-

Even though we just got our whole family on welfare it is nowhere enough for rent and bills. My  husband hasn’t gotten the okay to start working so we’re just waiting in this horrible hell.-FYI I don’t work because I have to take care of them.-My daughter turned 3 and that was really fun.-I noticed how at any age, no one likes getting clothes-She still hasn’t gotten the colonoscopy/biopsy-from now on I shall call it The Double-Up-Down-, on our first go around she started her prep and developed a cough.-so you know everyone was like she’s getting sick and adding negative thoughts!-Of course  she got sick and we had to reschedule.-also she had already not eaten for a day and had taken the magnesium citrate so that was fun to deal with!-

All we have to do is make is through November. After that who knows? Maybe Gluten-Putin in Japan…



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