Milk, Whole Grains and Juice

13 Oct

-I apologize ahead of time, I know this one is blurry.-

Getting milk with any of the voucher’s that let you be tricky, especially if it’s your first couple of times.-you can always claim you didn’t know; if you go shopping when I told you too you will not hold up the line or, annoy anyone when they have to take the item back and switch it for the right one.- When my daughter was a baby we used get organic milk. Now they print that you can’t get it  in the booklet.-doesn’t mean you still can’t try!- If  you’re feeling less adventurous get Alta Dena-they supposedly use no hormones-, I never get store brand milk with the gallon. I have not yet gotten powdered milk because it takes me back to horrible times as a kid.-at my cousins house when I got a bowl of cereal and, the milk in the gallon wasn’t milk. Powdered milk taste like water with milk flavor added! My cousin make me eat the whole bowl of disgusting cereal, I wanted to cry! If you decide to get powdered milk, don’t reconstitute it in the old milk gallon. You may have company over!-I’ve made yogurt a couple of times with extra milk we’ve had,-nothing to brag about SERIOUSLY!-there are many recipes for homemade yogurt that call for powdered milk. Go for it and tell me about it!-in fact if you make your own yogurt tell me about it, I really need help.-

-These are the brands of milk that W.I.C says is acceptable but always see what you can try to get away with: Albertsons, Alta Dena, Bayview Farms, Berkeley Farms, Crystal, Dairy Fresh, Early On, Great Value, JerseyMaid, Kirkland, Knudsen, Lucerne, Market Pantry, Mi Pueblo, Mountain Dairy, Pantry Essentials, Producers Dairy, Stater Bros., ValuTime and Western Family-

-These are the brands of evaporated milk you can get: Essential Everyday, Flavorite, Hytop, Market Pantry, Nestlé Carnation, Pet, Raley’s, Ralphs, Red and White, Safeway, Stater Bros., Western Family-

-These are the brands of  powdered milk you can get: Albertsons, Essential Everyday, Flavorite, Nestlé Carnation, Nido Esencial, Raley’s, Safeway, Stater Brothers, Western Family-

Choosing a whole grain is a horrible one for me; we try not have any gluten products in the house for the sake of my daughter’s health and face thus, cutting out a lot of the choices. Hopefully you get to have more options-if not I feel your pain-. All we get is corn tortillas, I’m so f*n sick of corn tortillas!-hard shelled tacos used to be my favorite food!-Sure they give you the option of getting brown rice but, no one in my fam is down with it,” It’s too chewy! It takes too long!”-blah blah I say!-I pray for the day I see the jasmine brown rice and everyone will just have to deal!

When we used to get gluten we would get the Oroweat brand because there are more options and somewhat healthy. When the fam would complain about the bread being too healthy we’d switch over to Sara Lee Smooth and soft-sounds like a fabric softener-. You can also get hotdog and hamburger buns all you have to do is look.

-These are the bread brands W.I.C says you can get: Bimbo, Early On, Franz, Home Pride, Nature’s Own, Oroweat, Roman Meal, Safeway, Sara Lee, Sara Lee Soft & Smooth, Springfield Golden Pride, Stater Brothers, Van de Kamp’s, Weight Watchers, Wonder-

Albertson’s store brand of barley and brown rice qualify for W.I.C and, Mahatma’s good when you can find it. I have never found bulgur!

These are the rice brands you can get with W.I.C: Best Yet, Blue Ribbon, Essential Everyday, Great Value, Gulf Pacific, Hinode, Hy-Top, Kroger, La Nuestra, Lundberg Family Farms, Mahatma, Mi Pueblo, Parade, Ralphs, Safeway, Shurfine, Springfield, Stater Bros, Uncle Ben’s,Western Family-

Now for those of you who can’t eat any gluten and don’t like brown rice your last hope is corn tortillas. Don’t even get me started on GMO corn!– yes on prop 37!-I’ve done everything you can think of doing with corn tortillas; tacos, lasagna, enchiladas, taquitos,-gross ass-sandwich rolls and I’ll cry if I have to eat another quesadilla! I’m can’t express to you how I can’t eat anymore tortillas but if you want to, I get Guerrero which are gluten free and so are Mission.-if you need them gluten free always check!-If I had to choose I pick Guerrero because they smell better and taste more like a tortilla should. If you want your tortillas to last longer get Mission.

-These are the brands of tortillas you can get: Best Yet, BonSavor, Carlita, Celia’s, Chi Chi’s, Don Pancho, Early ON, Fiesta Tortillas, Guerrero, Happy Products, Herdez, La Banderita, La Burrita, La fe Tortilleria, La Finca, La Mexicana, La Perla Mexicana, La Reina, La Rosa-

Oatmeal is another whole grain we don’t eat in our house, I truelly miss it because ground up oatmeal is the best meat filler!-yah we’re that poor-
–Okay as I’m doing the research for this I found out we can get Bob’s Red Mill! First Gelson’s now this! Woohoo!!!–

-These are the brands of oatmeal: Bob’s Red Mill, Early On, McCann’s–these are the Irish Steel cut ones!–, Mom’s Best, Mom’s Best Natural, Mother’s, Quaker, Springfield-

Juice and juice concentrate varies to what’s available-and I hope for your little ones you water down their juice!-and what’s not going to kill us.-remember arsenic apple juice? What the hell ever happened with that?!-When apple juice was not going to kill us I would get the Tree Top apple juice but, the one that didn’t qualify for W.I.C, the real one. W.I.C makes you get juice that is 100% juice and 120% Vitamin C, with Tree Top and W.I.C you can only get the ones from concentrate. What you should do is just grab Tree Top apple juice pressed from 100% real apples, the cashiers will probably never notice and if they do, you play dumb. The other juice we get is the Tree Top pineapple orange. We tend to not get the juice from concentrate-because we like real juice-but, on a special occasion we will get the orange juice concentrate and make Orange Julius’.

-These are the juice brands you can get: Albertsons, Apple & Eve, Bay Mist, Best Yet, Big Tex, Del Monte, Diane’s Garden, El Mexicano, Essential Everyday, Fiesta Foods, Flavorite, Garden Fest, Golden Crown, Great Value, Hansen’s Natural, Happy Juice, Hy-Top, IGA, Kroger, Langer, Langers, Market Pantry, Mother’s Nutritional Center, Mott’s, Nestle  Juicy Juice, North Gate, Northland Cran Blends, Ocean Spray, Old Orchard, Organico, Parade, R Everyday, Raley’s Fine Foods, Ralphs, Red & White, Ruby Kist, Safeway, Seneca, Shur Fine, Springfield, Stater Bros, Sunny Select, Sunsweet Juicers, Superior, Texsun, Tipton Grove, Tree Top, Tropicana, Valu Plus, Welch’s, Western Family-

-These are the juice concentrates you can get: Albertsons, Best Yet, Chef’s Review, CRISP, Dole, Flavorite, Flav-R-Pac, Food Club, Great Value, Hy-Top-

Happy shopping!




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