11 Oct

I know this state is going to hell and back and so do you. The freeways suck and there’s a billion potholes in the streets of L.A. Our kids can barely qualify for our state colleges and we’re all letting them down! The state is broke as f*.-So broke in fact that when my husband calls state disability they say they don’t have his paper work, he’s gone down there and turned it in in person many times. When he calls now–and actually gets through–they still say they don’t have  his paper work and this has been going on since June!- This all being said WE still have to get Prop 37 passed!

Remember when the food companies bitched and complained that it would cost too much to list allergen information on the labels? Remember when cigarette companies said the Surgeon General’s warning on the package would cause people not to smoke? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS! This will not cost anyone anything-especially us Californian’s!-. Yes a lot of people will stop eating genetically modified foods but, I know a lot of you don’t care what you eat so everything would even out.

Aug 2011 the F.B.I raided a store in Venice Beach and dumped out all the raw milk they had. In California-in AMERICA-! Nobody was getting sick, they even signed waivers saying that they drink the milk of their own free will. Why would the F.B.I raid a co-op in one of the richest and “hippest” cities in the state? The same reason they don’t want to label their food, they want you to eat their shit!

I’m 25 years old and I lived all over Southern California-thanks crack momma-, I remember as a kid the fruit in the grocery stores was good. Stater Bro’s used to have the best fruit.-I REMEMBER WHEN NAVEL ORANGES WERE JUICY AND I KNOW YOU DO TOO!!!- What the hell is happening people! Most of the garlic in California is grown in Gilroy,-I love that town’s smell!-it’s not that far from Los Angeles. So I ask you my fellow Californian’s why is all the garlic at the stores shit? Why is it in Oregon, Washington, even mother f*n Idaho have better food than us! 

Please!!! I ask of you-beg of you-to vote YES on PROP 37!-Let’s get these bitches labeled!-And let’s join: Maryland, North Dakota, Montana, Boulder,Colorado. Mendocino, Trinity and Marin counties right here in our state and they did it!

Please take a minute watch this movie and pass it on!-you got till the 17th!- REMEMBER WE CAN DO THIS!!! 



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