W.I.C Grocery Shopping

10 Oct

When you want to use your voucher’s you have two options; you can go to practically any grocery store or, you can go to a W.I.C only store. There are many W.I.C only stores and locations so do your research. One that has a lot of location’s is Mother’s Nutritional Center , their website sucks so you have to call for all locations. You can also ask the staff at your local W.I.C office for stores and more information. Grocery store’s that take W.I.C will have the W.I.C logo on the doors as you enter.-it’s also printed at the bottom of those weekly ads-

I have used my voucher’s at: Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Von’s-they sometimes have a double W.I.C deal!-, Stater bro’s and Food 4 Less-also the best place to get gluten free products-. I found this thingy that said you can use them at Pavilions, Jon’s and many of the local Southern California Latin markets-you know what I mean- –OH AND I JUST FOUND OUT THAT WE CAN USE THESE AT GELSON’S! GELSON’S BITCHES!!!–

You cannot use them at Whole Foods-I checked but, you can use E.B.T-,Trader Joe’s; Walmart and Target are tricky because there are some locations that accept them. Remember look at the doors as you enter!

When you go W.I.C shopping and grocery shopping in the same trip-especially if it’s your first couple of trips-you’ll want to go early in the morn-like after your W.I.C appt!-,middle of the day-not lunch break hour-or, after the dinner rush. You’ll want to do this because the cashiers have to scan the W.I.C voucher’s through this machine.-and it takes a sec!- So to not hold up the line and, get in with your cashier’s you’ll want to separate the W.I.C stuff.-with one of those plastic sticks, you know what i mean-W.I.C goes down first-separate it by voucher if you’re using more than one!-then the other stuff. The cashier’s really appreciate when you do not hold up the line with all your stuff and, it saves you the unneeded eye rolls from everybody.

-If there are any stores or W.I.C only locations that you know about please leave a comment! I’m on my way to Gelson’s!-



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