That Time of Month

2 Oct

It’s that time of month again-for me at least-where I want to die. I know that’s really dramatic but you’re not in my left ovary! I woke up in horrible pain this morning, when I move I’m in horrible pain! I HATE TAKING IBUPROFEN! I guess the real reason for my rant is I’m so sick of this every month! Every month for 8 days-YES 8!!!!-I just wanna lay down and die! Oh course in a little bit I have to take my daughter to the allergist-did I mention we’re walking?!-

My husband told me that his sister had a cyst in her ovary and she had an operation to have it removed! Naomi Campbell had a pain in her side and went to the hospital, they found a cyst and had it removed! I’VE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS SINCE I WAS 13!!!! COME ON!!!!

For all the women with the fake boobs, fake lips and everything else you can stuff in you body; take a second to think of the pain you experience after your surgery and realize it is nothing compared to the week I live every month!-not hating just thought you should know-



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