Roll into W.I.C

1 Oct

 So by now you’re probably ready to get W.I.C. Did you find your local W.I.C office?-good-

Get together your social security cards, bills, proof of income and address.-If you are not a legal citizen of this country–of any race– you can still apply just bring what you can-Make sure you get there 1st thing in the morning! When they open, at 8:00am! Sure you can show up any time they’re open but, to save your sanity show up when they first open!-don’t say I didn’t warn you- Also if you want same day vouchers-which you do-bring your baby-or your prego self-

When you get there-if you go 1st thing in the morning-you will pull a number and if you’ve been listening it will go semi-quick. You’ll fill out a couple of forms, if you have a baby they’ll give you a form that asks what you feed your child.-The first time I filled it out I laughed my ass off because, anyone who feeds their newborn soda needs some help!- After the forms you will watch a video all about W.I.C and how to use your vouchers at the store; it takes about 15-20mins of complete boredom but you still may need to know this stuff. After the video and some waiting they will measure and weight your child.-if your prego they’ll probably give you your vouchers soon-

If you went 1st thing in the morning by now you will be seeing why. When it gets crowded-9:30ish a.m till closing-this is the true face of W.I.C. The video they make you watch and poster’s hanging everywhere are nothing like the people that go there. I have always had a good experience with the staff and nutritionist but nothing beats the people watching.-NOTHING-Depending on where you live will tell how lively it will be. In the morning you have people-hopefully like yourself-who have things to do or, do not want to waste a day being around people you would otherwise not be around. In the mid-morning you have the people who finished putting on their make-up and doing their hair. These are the people who roll up to W.I.C in brand new nice cars; their kids are dressed nice and bide the time by playing hand-held video games or bugging you. By the late afternoon you have the people coming in from work and picking up their many kids from school or day care. This is about the worst time to be there!-Just a bunch of moody ass people and thousands of kids-

After you’ve waited for processing they give you your booklet, pamphlet and print out your voucher’s. At this point you may or may not want to go to the store.-if you went 1st thing in the morning you would-Do you remember the video? That’s okay nobody does.

~*~*~*~ I just have to say once again that I think this program is a sham, so go see if you or someone you know qualifies. My mother who worked in the mortgage business for years qualified when I was a child. Many people who know people with babies GIVE AWAY the extra formula or milk. I saved my extra baby food and when my husband’s daughter got braces guess what she ate? And for all the grandparents, aunties and good human beings that step up and for one reason or another-umm-hmm-have to raise someone else’s kid, take your ass down to W.I.C and sign up! Every little bit helps! ~*~*~*~


~*~*~*~ Sorry I forgot to tell you, when you get your W.I.C booklet-the thing you keep you W.I.C vouchers in-and sign it make sure you have another person sign it. As many as you can, that way the people who sign it can use the vouchers and pick them up for you when you need to.~*~*~*~


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