C.H.L.A Part 3…

25 Sep

It took 2 buses and a train but we finally got there. After everything we had been through, we finally arrived  at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I was totally thinking it was going to be a run-down building but it was noting of the sort.-Sure it had this “aquarium” donated by some family that was noting more than a fish tank but other than that it okay-  Mercedes-umm hmm-at the information desk was a dream. She was very friendly and made sure we knew where we were going.

When you take the giraffe elevators to the 2nd-or 4th-floor you arrive at the gastroenterology unit. We signed in at 10:30,-because as you remember we had to be on time or the Dr. would reschedule-the appt was for 11:20 so we were awesome.-blossom- After we filled out all the forms I went to the bathroom and-My God-did it smell!!! I tried to put images of the Red Line Station elevator in my mind.-Anyone who’s ever been there  knows what elevator I mean-When I got back to the waiting room I told my husband of the fowl smell; he told me of how when some people poop they wipe their butts and put the toilet paper it in the trash can. I can safely say I did look or wash my hands.-yes I know, the whole washing your hands after the bathroom thing. It’s scientifically proven that women’s public bathrooms are disgusting and, the way that one smelled in a children’s hospital! I took my chances and we all washed our hands after we left!-

Around 10:50 they called on us and the nurse took my daughter’s height and weight and took us to the waiting room. Around 11:15 my husband was starting to get annoyed, I told him whatever because we were here and we were still ahead of the appointment time.  At 11:30 he had the door open and constantly looking out. He managed to stop someone and let them know we were in there, they said they would send someone in. At 11:45 my whatever attitude had worn off, as my husband opened the door to go and get someone this lady walked. She was not Dr. Neong, he was still busy.

Her name was Dr. MaLinn and she was awesome!-I love younger women Dr’s, they always seem to be the most helpful-I explained EVERYTHING about my daughter and why we were there.

As I was doing research for my daughter during that hellish time, I came across in many books the process for checking for Celiac Disease. After the blood work and change of diet your option is a biopsy. I’ve dreaded this forever. When my daughter was gaining weight back and growing her poops were-are-still bad. Dr. Malinn explained that a lot of times when they do a biopsy they are checking for more than Celiac’s; there can be other serious digestive disorders or autoimmune reactions.

-So how serious is it when you have to get a BIOPSY AND COLONOSCOPY AT THE SAME TIME!?!?! Sure the Dr. eased my worries and I do think she is totally competent but, there’s some things you can’t get over! When were done with my daughter it is my turn to go to the Dr. BTW I haven’t been to the Dr’s since my daughter was born.-

After the appt the Dr. thought my daughter was the best patient she’s ever had for her age and get her this Shushybye toy.-I kinda think the hospital gives them away but whatever-I constantly look at my daughter like some how this is my fault, even though I know it’s not. I’ve made my choices in the past and don’t regret them. That’s why I never wanted to have kids, it’s way easier to all the drugs you want, drink as much as you want and knowing wreck your body as much as you want when you know you don’t want to have kids.-I was trying to get my tubes tied back when I was 16! They never let me till after I had my daughter-I would never ever-EVER-wish that I did not have my daughter but, this whole ordeal has made me selfishly look at myself like how could I be such an idiot? Wanting children or not you should never wreck your body. I’m not talking about when you do drugs here or there or go out drinking.-YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES!-I’m talking about going on drug benders till your eyes are melting and you can’t breath. When you’ve been drinking for days then you try to eat or drink water and you throw up nothing but bile. When you been doing drugs for days and your heart is racing so bad that you lay down on the floor hoping you’re not dying.-I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!-My name is Gluten Putin and I am an idiot.



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