What W.I.C Is

20 Sep

What is W.I.C ?

W.I.C stands for Women Infant and Children. W.I.C is a government program designed to help people who could otherwise not afford to get certain foods. There are a lot of “classes” and information on breast feeding, proper nutrition, etc.

What can you get?

W.I.C offers a variety of foods from: milk, soy milk, cheese, eggs, tofu, whole grains, breakfast cereal, peanut butter, beans/peas/lentils, fruits, vegetables, juice, infant cereal and tuna!

How do I get W.I.C ?

You must be:

A Women — pregnant and, up to 6 weeks 
   after the birth of the infant. Or to the end of the 
— postpartum and up to six months after the birth of 
   the infant.
— breastfeeding up to the infant’s first birthday
An Infant up to the first birthday
A Child up to the fifth birthday

Then you visit your local W.I.C office and they set you up after you fill out some forms.

How do I get the free food?

Ever wonder why it take so long in line at the grocery store when a woman has a bunch of jars of baby food? Now you know. Those funky colored papers are what we like to call W.I.C Vouchers.–I’ll teach you how to not hold up things in line–

I still don’t understand?

Give me a minute and I’ll take you through everything step by step.



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