Back on Healthcare

20 Sep

As of May 2012 after a year -literally 365 days-  of no healthcare for my daughter, it was finally reinstated. Now we could  finally go to go see the gastroenterologist, -Medi-Cal ended at the appt of the other gastro… a year ago- a nice addition to the health care was that my daughter got to have her old pediatrician back. The appt was scheduled for June -that’s how long it takes-. At the appt. my daughter pissed her pants and I got to walk pass the Dr., I gave her a friendly smile and she had a look of total remembrance, I was excited! -Yes! She remembers! She remembers that my daughter had failure to thrive and a distended stomach!- But in turn she gave me this kind of annoyed look which really brought my mood down.

I was waiting for her in the room and she walking and  totally knew who we were. I told her over the pass year we were dealing with her Celiac’s disease then she said annoyingly,” If you take your daughter to some one else I don’t get those records. I don’t have any information on your daughter for over a year.” I was breathless! I told her-umm hmm- that her health insurance got canceled right when we were at the gastroenterologist’s office-LITERALLY- and, that this whole time I was the one to do TONS of research and make a diet plan for my daughter! That I figured out that any time anyone ate gluten and kiss her her face it would break out, it’s called dermatitis herpetiformis!-BAM BITCHES!- Well the look of utter surprise of her face made me happy and, she apologized for not knowing. I told her that I want her to still go see the gastroenterologist and dietitian so I can run my diet plan for my daughter by them. She said we could go see Dr. Lawrence again and I told her how that guy was pretty much useless to us. She told me how he told her that he thought we weren’t feeding our daughter properly.-UHHGG!-

She said that she would order referrals to the gastroenterologist and an allergist. I was so excited, after a year of being in worry and not knowing what’s going on it was going to finally be over…-What’s over? We haven’t even begun yet!-



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