In the beginging….. Part 2

19 Sep

One day in 10th grade I was having dinner w/my mom, her co-worker and his boyfriend. On the drive there I was feeling a little side pain and, of course I forgot my pills. Nonetheless the sushi buffet waited.-to date the best sushi buffet I’ve been to- On my 1st first plate the pain was becoming so intense that they were asking if I was okay. I told them I was fine and slowly ate my food.

When I got up for my 2nd plate I wanted to eat so bad but the pain was too much and I didn’t care; I went back to the table and slummped over in that horrible pain again. My mom’s friends were asking me if I was okay? She told them that for the past year she’d been taking me to the Dr’s and they haven’t found anything wrong and that it was probably psychosomatic.-moms and Dr’s agree- As I’ve got my head on the table the boyfriend asks,Is that normal? I don’t think that’s normal!

Within in that next week I was at the Dr’s and my mom was telling her that something was wrong we’d been dealing with this for over a year; actually sticking up for me!-I will always remember that guy–not his name of course– and how he saved my life! Thank you and sorry I forgot your name, also sorry your boyfriend was a murderer and you took of on the lamb to San Fran!-

The Dr ordered an ultrasound for me, when the day came I couldn’t pee for a couple of hours before going to the hospital and it was annoying.-and makes all the diff in test results- The ultrasound technician got me set up on this chair and put warm ky jelly on my abdomen; she moved her magic wand-stethoscope around and my insides were on the screen.-just like when you’re prego’s, but with a full bladder and no baby- There was a white lump in a sea of black on the ultrasound t.v, I asked her what that lump was and she told me she didn’t know. She zoomed in on it and took lots of pictures of it. When she was done I flew out of that room to the bathroom; as we were walking to the car my mom and I were talking about the white lump on the screen and how the technician was lying. We both knew something was wrong.

Two weeks later I was back at the Dr.’s office and she told me I had an ovarian cyst which was the cause of all my pains.-No apology for accusing me of making it up- She explain what they were and why they cause horrible pain but, not why my body does it.-Nothing really explains why some women get cyst- She recommended that I take birth control pills to not have a period, I asked if that was normal?-being a women and all I think it’s the point to have one-

To say it’s weird to take birth control to not have a period would be mild. I did it for 3 years, first with the pills then with the shots. I always felt/feel that it is just a way of masking a problem that no one has a solution to. After I was prescribed birth control my Dr. never talked to me about it again, only when I would address the fact I think it’s unnatural and how could my body would even betray me like this she would say,“Well do you want to be in pain? I can prescribe you Ibuprofen or Naproxin.”

My final time-EVER- getting that horrible shot that makes your ass cheek numb and hurt when you sit down-some of you know what I mean- came when a friend of a friend got it. When were all hanging out at a friend’s house and she was talking about how she had got the shot the day earlier and her ass cheek was hurting. We laughed and giggled about how it hurt to sit on the toilet to pee and all that fun jazz girls do. Later in the afternoon she was saying she wasn’t feeling well and was feeling dizzy. It was a little time after her telling us that when I looked over at her and she was green!-I mean DAMN BITCH YOU GREEN! It was horrible! She started throwing up everywhere and my friend and I got scared; we couldn’t get a hold of her mom! We walked her home and on the way she just kept puking! When we got to her door her mom flung open the door and started screaming,“Why is she green why is she green!” Later that night when we called her her mom picked up and said they had to take her to the hospital and they found out she was having a bad reaction-not allergic- to the birth control shot.

Needless to say, my friend who had been thinking about the shot decided not to. I decided with wasn’t worth it and would go back to being in horrible pain. The girl recovered from the shot and went pack to the pill. It’s amazing how as women we play around with our bodies; birth control, weight loss and everything in between. It is really easy to do some thing if the information isn’t there or very little. It is especially easy to do something if a Dr. tells you because you  just figure their the Dr.

Well what the Dr. didn’t tell me; when you stop your period for 3 years, and decide to have it magically come back, it totally makes up for itself for the months that it has been away…



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