Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Part 2…

12 Sep

FINALLY!!! I’ve got the appt for the gastroenterologist for my daughter!! Just a small recap for you guys; my daughter’s health insurance got cancelled over a year ago and it’s been a battle just to get the appt.-let me show you-

5/16/12- 1st appt w/ the pediatrician-in over a year- and she ordered the referral for the C.H.L.A

5/19/12- I got the referral for C.H.L.A

5/21/12-I called to schedule the appt and they had no information on my daughter in their system

5/25/12-Called again to schedule an appt, still no info in their system.

5/29/12-Still no info in their system, the lady on the phone told me to call my daughter’s pediatrician and have them fax info.  I called my daughter’s pediatrician and told her what C.H.L.A told me and she said she would fax the papers.

6/5/12-Called the C.H.L.A still no info in their system and said they never received any fax. I called the pediatrician’s office again and told her that they didn’t receive the fax and she said she would fax it right away.

This went on for days calling C.H.L.A and them telling me that the pediatrician’s office wasn’t  faxing the right info.

6/20/12-8:00 am I called the C.H.L.A again– STILL NO INFO FOR MY DAUGHTER!– At 11:39 am I called my daughter’s pediatrician’s office and it was the same lady I had had been talking to because she recognized my voice. She said EVERY TIME I called she faxed the info, she said she was going to do it again and I could tell that she was PISSED!

6/27/12-STILL no info @ C.H.L.A

6/28/12- I physically went into the pediatrician’s office and talked to the lady I’d been talking to on the phone. I told her how every time I called the C.H.L.A they wouldn’t have any info or the faxed info. –I wish I had a pic of her face- She assured me that she would be faxing the papers again. 

I didn’t write down what day I called again all I know is they STILL didn’t have the right info. I asked to be transferred to the supervisor, Nancy Berlis is her name and I explained to her my situation. My daughter needs to see the gastroenterologist because every time she poops it’s bloody -yah I know- and the referral was going to expire on July 16. She told me that she would look into it and get back to me.

7/16/12- The referral for C.H.L.A expired

8/17/12- I went to the pediatrician’s office and told her that the C.H.L.A is some horrible Illuminati corporation-no I didn’t, but I did say they are evil- Dr. Feldman said she would order another referral to the C.H.L.A and the Valencia Children’s Hospital-same people diff location-

8/25/12- Received the referral in the mail, this time instead of a urgent referral this was an ambulatory referral.

8/27/12- Called the V.C.H to set appt and they said the C.H.L.A has to set the appt but they can transfer it to them. So they transferred the call to C.H.L.A I talked to Eneda she told me that they had the referral and the med. staff had to review my daughter’s info to know who to set the appt. with. I told her to -please for the love of God-make a note for my daughter to be seen at the V.C.H

9/5/12 9:19 am I called the C.H.L.A and there was no answer. I called the main part of the hospital and asked to speak with the supervisor of the gastro. dept. I left a message for Ms Nancy Berlis telling her how she never called me back,my daughter’s bloody poops and the like. -TO THIS DAY SHE HAS NEVER CALLED ME BACK!-

9/6/12- 8:45am Called C.H.L.A and talked to Stephanie, she said that they had sent my pediatrician’s a request for labs and radiology. 9:27am left a message with the pediatrician to send lab work. Later that day M.J from the pediatrician’s office said she was going to fax the info.

9/11/12-5:00pm Valerie from C.H.L.A called to set appt w/ Dr. Noeng. She told me that we had to be on time because we live far away and if we’re late Dr. Neong would just reschedule the appt.-F*k that bitch!- I asked her if I could make the appt for the V.C.H. and she told me they don’t accept Healthy Families.

9/12/12- I called the V.C.H and they reaffirmed to me that they don’t take Healthy Families Insurance.

I have a feeling that I already know what to expect from these people, Valencia is a nice area and Sunset Blvd. is not. I can’t wait to tell you guys of the fabulous journey that awaits me. Early morning train/bus ride all the way to L.A with a toddler –OH THE FUN–! But whatever, it has to get done.–IT’S BEEN A F*N YEAR!– I know there are lots of you who know how frustrating getting proper medical care can be, and for those of you who don’t I hope my stories bring a smile to your face and a self reflection of your life.

And… it’s okay with me if you think,”Thank God that’s not me!”



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