Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Part 1…

9 Sep

To begin how I even got started dealing with the travesty that is the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; we have to travel back over a year ago when my daughter was 8 months old and at a wellness exam she was diagnosed it failure to thrive.

My daughter had always been in the 90% for height and around 50% for weight which was not a prob; when it became 50% height and 5% weight the pediatrician made us see this guy MILES away from where we live, it was okay in the beginning because I wanted to find out what was wrong with my baby.

Now let me begin by saying that all the office staff at Dr. Lawrence’s office were nice, even Mr. Lawerence himself –but dude you are an asshat– That being said Dr. Lawerence was the nutritionist/gastroenterologist we drove to on many occasions MILES away from where we live and gave us no advice whatsoever. By no advice I mean tips like,”You seem like you’re feeding her fine.” “There is nothing I would recommend, you are feeding her fine.” Even after ordering test and,”Seeing nothing wrong” it became really annoying to go see this guy. The $1,000 car we bought off an illegal alien on cragslist-didn’t know he was-couldn’t get registered because it had a felony on the plates, plus it started breaking down from the 40+ miles being driven on it every couple of weeks.

The final straw came when we were getting off the freeway and the Pasadena Police swarmed on us-mind you we had bad plates no excuses for that– it was me, my daughter, my husband and his daughter.-My husband and I are used to getting pulled over for how we look and I know what you’re thinking! When I was 6 months pregnant and it was hot as fuck in the San Fernando Valley we went out to get some ice-cream. My husband out of no where pulled into this gas station and I was like, “What’s wrong?” and I told me this cop car was following us because they think he picked up a prostitute.–RIGHT!?– I told him he was being silly,he got out and got something to drink in the gas station. After that we were driving back the other way to take a different route to ice-cream; when surprise surprise the cops pulled us over, and surprise surprise they thought I was a prostitute with some John. I don’t know where in America a 6ft 6 month pregnant black women would be down to go on the ho stroll!–I’m sure somewhere– I thought our saving grace would be that my husband and I have matching teeth mark tattoo’s on our neck. –MUAH–But no, they made my husband get out of the car and cuffed him and put him in the backseat. They asked me how I knew him and the like; you’d think at this point when they realized we were married and he impregnated me they’d laugh it off and let us go. Nope! Magically they needed to start searching for drugs–cause once again, you know how all prego black women with Aryan looking Jewish husbands do drugs!– When they were searching the car they found paper after paper proving my husband was a teacher–luckily we’re messy– and when they were done they uncuffed my husband and let him get out of the police car. We went straight home; I never got that ice-cream, it was a very sad day.–I’m looking at you Studio City Police! Sorry for that tangent– So the Pasadena Police swarmed us, made me and my husband get out of the car and the kids stayed inside. As my husband was telling them that he is a teacher who was injured at work and they could clearly see his papers and check stubs in the car-yes we are that messy– they did not care. They were searching around the girls which was making me weird cause they were feeling very close around them –hmmm– finally they let me get them out. My husband’s daughter was horrified and asked why they were being so rude. I told her honestly,” It is because of the plates on the car and we –me and her dad– look like scumbags. -My husband and I have accepted it but the police never seem to admit it- -And since I’m at it I want to call out the Santa Clarita Sheriffs who among other things “lost” my husband’s cell phone!-

After a year of having my daughter’s health insurance revoked I was finally able to take her back to her peditrition. She told me that Dr. Lawerence didn’t really give her any notes and told her that we weren’t feeding our daughter properly.-as in needed to feed her more- I was shocked and so f*n awed! She ordered another referral to see him again and I asked to see someone different. Our health insurance didn’t qualify us to see the gastroenterologist that we were at as our health insurance died on us at their office a year ago.  Where did we qualify you ask?  The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.



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