Arrowhead Mills: Quinoa Rice and Shine

9 Jan


Growing up I couldn’t stand Creme of Wheat, I preferred Grits.  This product is like a mix between the two. My huge problem with this product is,  IT DOES NOT COOK IN 3 MINS!!  I learned this the hard way, while constantly biting into hard uncooked pieces. I still prefer Creme of Rice cereal but this,  cooked long enough will barely pass.  Cook on med-low for about 5-10mins.

And the name… Quinoa Rice and Shine,  are you SERIOUS!! UGH! With a name like this, I can’t take them seriously. I will not be buying this product again.

Scale 1-10
~*~Gluten Putin ~*~

Watch “I’m Burger Podcast Hollywood Ep 28” on YouTube

8 Jan

I’m Burger Podcast Hollywood Ep 28:


Kinni Kritters

4 Jan


Finally there is something that taste the same as the “real kind”! Sorry,  not the same…….  IT’S WAY BETTER!   AND!  It’s been verified by the gluten eaters in the house as tasty and better than the gluten kind.  With these animal crackers  you can tell what animal it is, and they surely won’t disappoint! Their motto is totally correct and they should be proud of this product!

8👍 /10

~*~ Gluten Putin ~*~

Non-Dairy Yogurt Fail # 1

4 Jan


These are the ingredients supposedly needed to make yogurt. I truly don’t know, because I’ve only tried it with dairy and,  accomplished it once. Milk,  yogurt, put in a jar and barely heat to around some temperature I forgot. I guess I  should have done the research, but I  like winging it. But, non-dairy yogurt is new to me. Usually you just turn on the oven light, or turn the oven on really low. I forgot to turn off the oven from 150 degrees, which I  know is way too high and I got this…..


I can’t begin to tell you what that is! But it sure isn’t non-dairy yogurt!

I tried again and it separated! Sorry for no picture but I was pissed because I don’t have the money to waste. The whole point of making my own yogurt is to save money.  So now, I’m at step 1, and not back to it because I didn’t research!

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You know you’re trash when…

28 Dec

Well I don’t know. There are many levels to being trash. And before this becomes a bashing post (which I don’t want it to be) let’s take a quick look at Tori Spelling.
She used to have a tv show on VH1(not reality) that I used to love. She took digs at her mom, never letting us see her face, which was pretty funny! What happened to you Tori Spelling! (Like seriously girl!)

I actually live for the day that Tori or Candy have a garage sell to get rid of the stuff they call junk. But after the spoiled rich girl routine. After the, I can’t figure out how to sell material possessions to save my soul routine,  I’m done. (Yes,  I know how she got her husband, that karma came back around to her 3x)

Tori, how the hell were you able to get free toys for your kids for Christmas!? That is so low and trashy! And I’m on welfare thank you very much! I don’t do toy giveaways because I know there are kids that get NOTHING for Christmas. I save, shop for prices and whatever I can for Christmas and birthdays!

I’m not going get on rich people for scamming the system because we all try to. Your level of scamming is what ties into your ethics, see where this goes…. The same woman who can get access to money, sell things for money and use notoriety for money,  is the same woman that took presents from kids that are actually poor… The same woman who stole a husband stole Christmas presents and probably really embarrassed her kids. BTW TORI, since this is Los Angeles and with a really crappy public school system, where do your kids go?

I know the rich, middle-class and poor who struggle in different ways. But this is just to low, even for me! (and that’s saying a lot) I hope everyone stops to think of where their life is at and where it could be. I grew up poor and now being disabled welfare is nothing new to me, but for a lot of you it is. Maybe while the times aren’t tough for you, try to understand the lives of people who are living nothing but toughness. Seriously, I had to go to Skidrow with my daughter to find housing because we were homeless. So trust,  when times aren’t tough there will be enough stories to last a lifetime, and we’d also remember where we’ve been and those still there.

Tori Spelling your are……….



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