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20 Mar

Hey there everyone, seems like it’s been forever and a day, and in fact it has. I’ve been gone for a long long time and right now, I don’t really want to do this blog. I know, but I’m in the life mood of f*** it.

I don’t know where I was in telling the story of my life, but I’ll just fast forward.
Since June of 2014 I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopic procedure and a hysterectomy. I have gastritis which was the cause of me always feeling nauseous, the horrible stomach pains and throwing up blood. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and having uterine adhesions on my small intestines and large intestine also fully covering my uterus. I also have Crohn’s disease and is why when I eat gluten and corn I become a horribly nauseous and throw up and a week later my body goes through horrible horrible cramps/pain. It is also the cause of my acne.
So please forgive me you all, if I just wanna live my life and be a somewhat normal 26 year old. I have now found out I will live my life in pain forever because I have ulcers all through my small intestine , & I have to watch what I eat. Did you know that with Crohn’s disease you’re not supposed to eat meat, fresh fruit, dairy, corn, gluten basically nothing. No spicy food, definitely no greasy food, no tea, no coffee and no smoking-which I’m fine with-. We are still on welfare still using WIC , so yeah…. life goes how it goes! And I’m going to enjoy what life I have left, and get back to you talking about gluten and food. No more health problems from me on my end, I’ll stop boring you guys with that.
I’ve been having lots of fun on Google+ under the name Coco LaDouche-you should know this ;-)-come find me and we’ll chat all the time! I also use Twitter my name isGluten Putin. I look forward to chatting and meeting you guys at the conventions and swapping recipes.

Good day, goodnight and have a good life! It’s been so much fun you guys, and this is definitely not the end, I just want some time to f*** around and be normal for a bit.
Forever yours! Muah!
~*~Gluten Putin~*~



2 Dec


Blepharitis is a condition that I have had since I was in jr high school. If at any time in this story, you feel that you have/had the same symptoms, go to your doctor and demand that you go see an Opthamologist! Blepharitis is caused by couple of different reasons; clogged oil glands, bacteria and allergic reactions, dandruff or even head lice. Symptoms are unbelievable itching of the eye lids, swelling and little bumps on the rim of I lid.-it tends to hurt when you blink-For me I would get a couple of bumps at the time on the top and bottom lids, it would be very painful to blink and it started to affect my vision.-I already wear glasses and I could tell I was looking me vision-When I didn’t wash my eyes for a day, my top eyelid would get puffy and hurt. What seemed like a ring of dead skin would form around each eyelash. Over the next couple of days my eyelashes with fallout masses! When I would wash my eyelids, my top lid would still be puffy, & I would still have those bumps, and my eyelashes would still fall out in masses!-I don’t wear eye makeup of any kind, why was this happening!-I went to my primary care physician and told her my symptoms just like the rest, and of course this time there were no bumps. I told her I’ve been doing the no tear soap eye wash thing forever, I still demanded that I see an eye specialist and she said she would order the paperwork.

It’s that simple people, make them let you see an Opthamologist. Tell them it’s affecting your vision and you can’t stop dealing with falling out of eyelashes, bumps, eyelid pain and puffiness. Worse than barely having any eyelashes is, when they grow back crooked and twisted! The eyelashes lay on each other in weird ways that it makes them come out, makes your lids hurt and fill your life with woe.

I went to see Dr Gordon in Hollywood, this guy is awesome, even though I didn’t have any bumps on my eye-of course, I’m starting to think my eyelids are plotting against me- he still listen to. He pulled my top eyelid over a plastic stick- the air blow to the eye is nothing compared to this-he could tell that my eyelids were puffy and my eyelashes were wonky. He prescribed me something called Bacitracin. I always look up medicine before I take it, lots of things on the net were saying the side effects can make you get dermatitis and it works no better than Neosporin. Well if you can’t get to an Opthamologist you might want to look into using Neosporin! This Bacitracin stuff is helping my eye lid swelling go down and giving my eyelashes a chance to grow back! I can’t even remember the last time I have those bumps in my eyes! If I skip a couple of days my eyes go right back to swelling. I’m trying to get the green light to see an allergist, because after almost three months of using this, like I said when I stop to my eye lids go back. If you have wonky eyelids or eyelashes like me its okay! Think about the problem instead of getting eyelash regrowing products. Your eyes maybe having an allergic reaction or bacteria or worse, either way go get help!


sorry everybody

20 Nov

sorry that i havent been around. I did get caught up in twitter for a quick bit. @glutenputin but seriously folks. ive been going to lots of doctors and lots if procedures and kinda got caught up in the woe is me part of life. Im out of and over and have accepted my new-and upcoming life-. Cant wait to share with you all.

Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy PartII

17 Oct

The day before you have an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy you have to stop eating. Sure you can have juice, broth and Gatorade but let’s get real it sucks to not eat solid food . Liquid Diets are a glimpse into a life where you’re always hungry and left unsatisfied.-to my Puter’s with a condition where you have to do this, my heart goes out to you.-I was dreaming about the food I would have the next day-I could still eat gluten-and starting to freak out about the procedure. I’ve seen those news stories and lots of places are unclean. Worst of all, I get bitchy when I’m hungry and the worst headaches! Liquid Diets take me to a place in my horrible childhood when I would tell my mom I was still hungry and she would say,”Go drink water!” That is the anthem for poor hungry kids around the world! Go drink water my ass!

The morning of the endoscopy I was thirsty and hungry and weak as f*k. When I’m hungry my stomach tends to cramp horribly to the point I want to throw up.-in school it was a nightmare waiting for lunch after recess. Remember that kid who always had a growling stomach, yeah that was me!-When we got to the place it wasn’t a hospital but more like a clinic where they move you in and out.-so many old people! That’s exactly what I want to see, old people looking at me wondering why I’m here!-My husband was really uneasy about the place, especially after one of the receptionist was rude to him. He wanted to bail but I told him, “I’ve come this far and like you said it’s not a major surgery”. We sat down and waited…then they called me into a room.
This is where they register you and ask a bunch of questions,-why are you here? Medical history, anything they should know, that kind of thing-then they give you a wrist band and make you wait, again.

When it was my turn to go have the procedure I kissed my daughter and husband goodbye, and was told I would see them in 3 to 4 hours. I went through a door into a huge room with beds separated by curtains and chairs with people waiting in them. It was really busy and I was really scared, this was some gastrointestinal clinic. I was starting to think my husband was right, but I’d come this far-also I puked up bood, I want to know what that was from-.This woman took me to an empty bed and told me to undress and put on a gown.-I really wished my daughter and husband were there with me in that room-I put my belongings into a plastic bag under the bed and waited. The lady came back with a tray with needles and one of those liquid bags. I thought this is it, no turning back now.
She told me to lay back and got the liquid bag ready. I asked her what was it for and she said it was fluid to keep me hydrated.-anyone really know what’s in that bag?-When she was done with the bag she got the needle ready and told me to hold out my hand. She stuck it in and hooked the bag up to it.
“You’ll feel a slight burning sensation in our hand as the fluid enters your body”, she said. Slight burning sensation my ass!-does anyone really know what’s in that bag cause that shit ain’t water!-She began cleaning up as my hand began burning very badly; as she was leaving she said,”If there’s anything I can do let me know.”I felt that fluid in my hand and crawl up my arm. It’s extremely freaky, and just the thought if it is making me sick-you”ll know why later-. I layed back on the bed and listened to the people being wheeled in and out. The sounds of people’s moans and farts. Yes, I did say farts!-that’s something else I want to hear before going in!-
When it was my turned to be wheeled in, I thought,”Where the he’ll am I going to go?!” Through the opened curtain and around the people waiting in the seats we went through another door. In this room were a couple of guys I didn’t see before and a monitor and lots of medical stuff.-it was freaky how everything was contained in this room-One if the guys was cleaning the camera because I could see it on the monitor. They said their names and said what they were going to the doing. They lady helped me turn on my back and put a mask on my face. I told them the mask smelled really bad-like airy plastic-,one of the guys said don’t worry I’ll be asleep soon and awake in no time. All I remember thinking was this shit smells really bad! Is it safe to breathe in plastic?

I remember waking up in one of those curtain sectionals and wanting to get the hell out of there.-especially getting that needle out of my hand!-I started thinking about random trivia to get my mind right. I was doing that Uma Thurman Kill Bill wiggle your big toe thing. I was ready to go. I started calling out,”Ello? Anyone, Anyone out there?” a nurse came in. I told her I was ready to go, she asked when I had the procedure I told her I didn’t know. She went to ask someone and when came back she informed me it was too early. I told her I was feeling well enough and she could take me off the fluid bag. She left and asked again, came back and unhooked me. When she left and again saying,”I come and get you in a little while then you can have a seat in the waiting area.” I thought that’s what those chairs are for. I wanted to eat, sleep and most of all get out of there. After a while when the lady said I could sit in the waiting area, my legs were woozy but I kept it together. I was waiting in the chair for about 15mins, when the lady said I’ll call your ride now. -you’re just going to call now!!-I had to wait another 15mins for my family, all the while building up anger of having to wait-also being extremely hungry-
When they finally called my name I jumped up. I said bye to this one lady who was cool and meet up with my family. My husband said see your not dead, I chuckled and wanted to eat!
I told my husband about the hand needle and plastic smell. He said that’s what the stuff that puts you to sleep smells like; they just don’t tell you that because they want you to go to sleep instead of thinking about the smell. All I knew was I wanted to eat and we went to The Hat. I was charged for a dip that wasn’t.-Shame on you for messing with a girl’s last chance to eat gluten!-They say you shouldn’t eat solid foods right away, I tried! Your stomach is still really tight, although my throat didn’t hurt. So take it slow with liquids as my stommy-stomach/tummy-was hurting off the bites I did get down.
~*~Gluten Putin~*~

Upper GI Endoscopy

5 Sep

It was three weeks till my endoscopy appointment when I was really thinking what’s going on with the laproscopic thingy. When I called medi-cal to make sure that the upper GI endoscopy was going to go through, I also asked about the laparoscopic procedure. The lady on the phone said the endoscopic was fine but they had no record of the laparoscopic. I told her that I had to switch over my doctors because Marina Gold was an absolute idiot and this is probably part of that problem. I was told because it was a serious operation she would look right into it and get back to me, when she got back to me I thought this must be a serious procedure! After medi-cal I called my gynecologist office and told them my insurance got the referral for the laparoscopic procedure. The lady on the phone said,”We’ve been trying to contact you for a while now, you need your procedure!” Then all of a sudden I remembered, my phone had gotten disconnected! Actually it was shut off but, that’s another story for another time, what matters is I had to change my phone number. She asked me if I could come in next week to schedule the laparoscopic procedure.

-It was around this time that the gluten and corn was starting to have some effect on my body. I didn’t care because I was LOVING IT! Eating whatever I wanted to!-At my gyno’s office which is ALWAYS packed I waited over an hour passed my appointment time to see him.-I will tell you his name when I’m done with him ;-)-When he was discussing what was going to happen I starting getting really scared. I hate having my belly button messed with! “They” already had to go in there to tie my tubes, I really didn’t want to do it again. At the same time, to finally know what was going on was going to be great! When we were done I went to schedule the appointment. She wanted to do it that weekend! I thought that was weird, I said I had plans and maybe after my endoscopy we could do it. We went back and forth with dates till finally the Dr came back. He said he wanted to do it soon to find out what was going on, I said is it okay to do it a week after having an upper gi endoscopic procedure? He said it would be ok and we set the date, which the lady already suggested.
That was that. In two weeks my endoscopy and in three my laparoscopy.
~*~Gluten Putin~*~


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